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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Money Making Guide | How to Make Money Fast

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Money Making Guide | How to Make Money Fast
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Money doesn’t grow on trees—in real life or in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Still, you need it at every step. In this big open-world RPG set in the 15th-century kingdom of Bohemia, earning money (groschen, that is) is depicted quite realistically for medieval times—which means, it is difficult for the illiterate son of a blacksmith, who you play as, to get his hands on some.

However, making enough money to buy better gear or learn new skills isn’t impossible, but knowing a few good tips and tricks will make everything easier for sure. And that’s what this article is for—in this Kingdom Come: Deliverance money-making guide, we show you how to make money fast.

Loot Everything

Good old looting can be a great way to make money, especially at first. You will want to pay special attention to corpses and collect all the items you find on them because you can always sell anything unnecessary and get more coins in the process.

Make sure to go back to the battlefields after you finish fighting, even if cutscenes transport you somewhere else, because you can find a lot looting the corpses of those who perished that way.

Learn How to Haggle

This method goes hand in hand with looting because a good haggler can always sell the looted items for more than they’re worth. Don’t forget—you want to go down on the scale when the haggling starts because you’re trying to sell the item for more, not for less.


Gambling is risky, of course, but if you get good and have some luck too, you can get your hands on some decent piles of groschen this way. The downside of this method is that you should already have some savings because you will want to place the highest possible bet for quick returns.

Make sure to study the dicing rules well and try your best to get to 2,000 points as fast as possible.

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Hunt for Bounties

You can go around and kill bandits and Cumans and get rewarded for it handsomely. Sir Robard in Talmberg will be particularly interested in Cumans’ ears—which may be gross, but it pays rather well. On the other hand, Captain Bernard in Rattay will reward you nicely if you complete his bandit bounties.

Still, keep in mind that these foes won’t go down as easily as you would like, so make sure to be prepared.


We hate to say it, but the fastest way to make money in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is stealing. At some point, you may just have to decide whether you want to be the role model of a knight you’ve always wanted to be or break those ideals and get your hands dirty.

You can pickpocket or become a real thief who picks locks and gets away with all kinds of valuables from rich people’s homes. If the guards don’t catch you, just sell the stolen items for some nice amounts of groschen, and you will become “a richie” yourself rather fast.

However, know that your thieving career can take off only after you do a favor for a miller called Peshek in Rattay.

That concludes our guide on how to make money fast in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. As you can see, dark medieval times call for dark measures. Good luck with getting your groschen and, while you’re at it, check out our article on all Kingdom Come: Deliverance console commands as well.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Money Making Guide | How to Make Money Fast


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