How Many Colors do Frogs Have in Minecraft? – Answered

Different colors of frogs

Some mobs have multiple varieties in Minecraft. They usually have the same model but different colors, voices, or drops. Small mobs like frogs also have diverse skin colors.

After axolotls, frogs became the second amphibian mob to be added to Minecraft. The Wild Update has officially introduced frogs to the blocky sandbox worlds of Minecraft. Frogs are small passive mobs found in swamp biomes of the Overworld.

Depending on the biome’s temperature, frogs can have different colors. In this article, players can learn about different variations of frogs in Minecraft and where to find them.

What Colors can Minecraft Frogs be?

In Minecraft, frogs can have three colors:

  • Orange (Temperate)
  • White (Warm)
  • Green (Cold)

Frogs are naturally found in swamps and mangrove swamps. While exploring the Overworld, players will only come across orange frogs and white frogs. Orange frogs are found in regular swamps, whereas white frogs spawn in mangrove swamps. Green frogs do not spawn naturally.

Green orange white frogs

To get green frogs, players will first have to find a pair of orange frogs. Then, breed these frogs by feeding them slimeballs. Upon successfully breeding, a frog will lay frogspawn on a nearby water block.

Frogspawn will eventually hatch and spawn tiny tadpoles. Players will have to pick these tadpoles in buckets and release them in a warm biome to get white frogs or a cold biome to get green frogs.

Tadpoles that grow into frogs in warm biomes will have white color, whereas those in cold biomes will gain green color. Likewise, tadpoles in temperate biomes become orange.

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Here is a list of warm and cold biome where players can bring tadpoles to get white and green frogs. Biomes not mentioned here fall under the temperate category.


  • Jungle
  • Bamboo Jungle
  • Sparse Jungle
  • Badlands
  • Eroded Badlands
  • Wooded Badlands
  • Desert
  • Savanna
  • Savanna Plateau
  • Windswept Savanna
  • Warm Ocean
  • Deep Lukewarm Ocean
  • Mangrove Swamp
  • Basalt Deltas
  • Crimson Forest
  • Nether Wastes
  • Soul Sand Valley
  • Warped Forest
  • Stony Peaks‌[BE only]
  • Lukewarm Ocean‌[BE only]


  • Frozen River
  • Snowy Beach
  • Grove
  • Frozen Peaks
  • Jagged Peaks
  • Snowy Plains
  • Ice Spikes
  • Snowy Slopes
  • Snowy Taiga
  • Frozen Ocean
  • Deep Frozen Ocean
  • The End
  • Deep Dark‌[JE only]
  • End Barrens‌[JE only]
  • End Highlands‌[JE only]
  • End Midlands‌[JE only]
  • Small End Islands‌[JE only]
  • Cold Ocean‌[BE only]
  • Deep Cold Ocean‌[BE only]

Hopefully, this article has answered your query, and now you are aware of the different colors of frogs in Minecraft. If you want to find a frog quick, travel to the nearest swamp or mangrove swamp biome to find these croaking mobs.

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How Many Colors do Frogs Have in Minecraft? – Answered


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