Making Brewing Stand in Minecraft
Brewing Stand in Minecraft

If you are planning to brew potions in Minecraft, you will first require the Brewing Stand, where you can alchemize them. The Brewing Stand has similar functionality to the crafting table. It carries a dozen potion recipes such as Instant Healing potions that support you to get out of problematic circumstances.

The Brewing Stand also works as a job block for cleric villagers. If an unemployed villager notices a stand, it will start functioning and convert into a cleric to offer potion-related trades.

Before moving forward to the brewing stand’s recipe, we want you to know the items required to craft it. Here are the materials that you’ll need:

  1. 3x cobblestone
  2. A blaze rod
  3. Crafting table

How to make a brewing stand in Minecraft

Brewing Stand Recipe Minecraft

Making a brewing stand is relatively straightforward. Nevertheless, if you have no idea, we’ve got you covered.

Step 1: Make a crafting table

A crafting table is one of the essential items that you should always have in your Minecraft inventory. It’s also called a 3×3 grid of crafting space where you can create a number of items, including tools, weapons, armor, and more. Here’s a dedicated guide to making a crafting table in Minecraft.

Step 2: Add cobblestones to the crafting table

In the next step, open the crafting table and add three cobblestones to it, exactly as shown in the image above. In the second row, place cobblestone in a series.

Step 3: Add blaze rod to the crafting table

Place a blaze rod in the middlebox of the first row, and that’s it. Refer to the above image for a better visual representation.

Step 4: Move the brewing stand to Inventory

The brewing stand is now ready, which needs to be moved to the Minecraft inventory. Therefore, make sure you move it to your inventory to start using it in the game.

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