How Long Does it Take for Items to Despawn in Minecraft Bedrock? – Answered


Gathering resources is a common thing to do in Minecraft. Right after spawning in a new world, Minecraft players start collecting items for their survivability. Players have to pick up dropped items by going near them, or else they can despawn.

Dropped items are treated as entities in Minecraft. When stored in chests, items do not affect the game’s performance. On the contrary, if too many items are floating around as entities, players might experience a drop in FPS.

For optimization, the game deletes dropped items if they are not picked. Keep on reading to learn about the mechanics behind item despawning and how long it takes for items to despawn.

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Minecraft Bedrock: How long do items take to despawn?

Losing items after dying to that annoying ghast or skeleton can be frustrating and even tiring if all dropped items despawn. Knowing the exact amount of time before an item despawns is helpful in many scenarios.

Minecraft item
Dropped items despawn after five minutes

An item despawns after 6000 game ticks have passed. Every second is equal to 20 game ticks. Players have a total of five minutes to pick dropped items before they despawn. Once an item despawns, there is no way to get it back.

In order to despawn, items needed to be in loaded chunks. Let’s say you died in the Nether realm and respawned in your Overworld base. Chunks in the Nether are now unloaded, and the dropped items won’t be affected by game ticks.

The five-minute timer only starts when you load the chunk. Hopefully, this information will help you get back your items in Minecraft.

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How Long Does it Take for Items to Despawn in Minecraft Bedrock? – Answered


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