Upgrading the Fiends in the game Best Fiends allows them to become more powerful—increasing the battle prowess by a lot. It also increases their attack power, special ability, and other attributes. 

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We have Best Fiends enthusiasts who often look for answers on how high they can upgrade their Fiends, as knowing it will considerably make the Meteormites farming more efficient.

In this Best Fiends guide, we talk about how high you can upgrade your Fiends. 

How High Can You Upgrade Your Fiends in Best Fiends

You can upgrade your Fiends in the game, Best Fiends, up to level 200. At the time of writing this article, 200 is the max level a Fiend can achieve in the game. 

To upgrade a Fiend to level 200, you must have a ton of Yellow or Blue Meteormites. Like any game, you level up the Fiends and then evolve them and then again level them up till the next evolution happens. 

Leveling up the Fiends in Best Fiend will increase their ability and attack power. Evolving them will highly affect their attributes. Increasing them by a considerable amount. Making the respective Fiend more powerful. 

How to Upgrade Fiends 

Follow the below steps to upgrade your Fiends:

  • Navigate to the Fiendex menu [found in the bottom right corner of the world map]
  • Select the Fiend you want to Upgrade
  • Tap on the Upgrade button 
  • Every fifth level, you hit the Evolve button to continue the Upgrade process

Best Fiends is currently available on Android, iOS, Amazon Games and Facebook Platform.

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How High Can You Upgrade Your Fiends in Best Fiends


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