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How to get Weapon Master title in PUBG Mobile

How to get Weapon Master title in PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile's Weapon Master title

PUBG Mobile is ruling the battle royale niche since it entered the mobile gaming market. Apart from the breathtaking battle royale matches, the game also features a set of challenges that yield various rewards and unique titles upon completing them.

With 283 achievements in the game, the Weapon Master title is the most popular among PUBG Mobile players. To get the Weapon Master title, you need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Kill an enemy with AR Gun
  • Kill an enemy with SMG Gun
  • Kill an enemy with Sniper Gun
  • Kill an enemy with Shot Gun
  • Kill an enemy with Throwables
  • Kill an enemy with a Vehicle

But there’s a small twist which makes the Weapon Master title a little harder to achieve. Players must satisfy all the above conditions in a single Classic match in Platinum or above tier, and that’s what makes this title a rare one.


Now it’s clearly a daunting task to complete six objectives in a single game. However, some specific tips can help you to conquer the Weapon Master achievement easily.

It’s no secret that how easy it is to kill PUBG Mobile bots. Thus, we advise players to drop in less crowded areas and encounter the bots around them using different weapons.

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Killing disconnected or AFK players is another great way to meet the requirements. To shred disconnected players on the map, drop at the end of the flight path and quickly loot the buildings around there. Once your armory is loaded, head over near the map’s border to find offline players.


Playing in a duo or squad is also important as well, as only the final kill counts. In other words, you can knock out the enemy with any weapon and can finish him off with the desired firearm to complete the challenge. In the end, we strongly recommend playing on a different server like KRJP, where you can find more bots and AFK players.

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How to get Weapon Master title in PUBG Mobile


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