PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has an array of titles to achieve, which displays on the player’s character while in the lobby and spawn area. Amid all of the achievements, the Well Liked title is the easiest one to secure in the game.

To get the Well Liked title in PUBG Mobile, a player will need 1000 likes on his profile. Soon after the match ends, a user can ask his teammates to drop a like via the thumb icon located on the scoreboard.

Similarly, a player can also help others achieve the Well Liked title by giving a like to them. However, you should be aware that you can’t give like to yourself. You can also check the total number of likes by navigating to your PUBG Mobile profile.

Once you complete the objective, the Well Liked title is available under the Mission section’s Achievement tab. If you’re pretty excited about the Well Liked title, we strongly advise you to play Arcade mode with random players.

How to get Well liked title in PUBG Mobile? | Android in my Blood


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