The Training Room is one of the most useful Heavenhold buildings that players can unlock in Guardian Tales. It is used to instantly boost a Hero’s growth to max level. Furthermore, players can use the boosted Hero to clear the game content with no restrictions. In this article, we will talk about how exactly does the Training Room works in Guardian Tales.

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How to Unlock Training Room

Players can unlock the Training Room in Guardian Tales by progressing the game’s main story. Once players have cleared everything World 7 has to offer, players will unlock the Training Room at Heavenhold.

How Does Training Room Work

The working mechanism behind the Training Room in Guardian Tales is simple. You can put a hero in the Training Room and you can max them out without using a single resource. The only catch here is that the characters can sustain their max level, evolution, and limit break till they are in the Training Room.

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Players can also evolve low rarity characters to their five-star variant using the Max Awakening option offered inside the Training Room.

The Training Room in Guardian Tales has three slots where each slot has three functionalities –

  • Max Evolution – Evolves a hero to their five-star variant.
  • Max Awakening – Unlocks all awakening of a hero.
  • Max Limit Break – Unlocks max limit break.

Apart from the Max Evolution option, the Max Awakening and Max Limit Break are locked. Players can unlock them only by fulfilling certain criteria.

How to Unlock Max Awakening in Training Room

In Guardian Tales, players can unlock the Max Awakening option in the Training Room by fulfilling the below criteria –

  • Players must have at least one unique hero.
  • Players must have unlocked all the awakening nodes for the unique hero.

How to Unlock Max Limit Break in Training Room

Players can unlock the Max Limit Break option in the Training Room by reaching the max limit break with at least three unique heroes.

Can you Swap Heroes in Training Room?

The answer to the above question is yes. Players can replace a hero in the Training Room with another. However, keep in mind that it has a cooldown of 24 hours. That is, do no needlessly place heroes inside the Training Room.

Guardian Tales is currently available to download for free on Android and iOS platforms.

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How Does Training Room Work in Guardian Tales?


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