Miitopia is a very atypical role-playing game that turns many of the genre’s typical mechanics upside down, introducing some twists here and there that make for a very unique experience.

Like for character customization, which utilizes a regular job system but twists it in a very unique way, Miitopia also employs a somewhat traditional turn-based combat system that does some things differently. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

How Does Combat Work In Miitopia?

Miitopia uses a traditional turn-based combat system where allies and enemies take turns to perform actions. The order of action is determined by the speed stats: the higher the stat, the sooner the character, or monster, will be able to act.

Once it is the turn of your Mii, you will be able to influence the outcome of battle directly by picking between different actions. Miis’ abilities depend on their job and personality.

Main Menu

While waiting for your turn to start, you can use a variety of options via the Main Menu. With Autobattle, your Mii will be controlled by the CPU as it does with the other Miis, possibly speeding up some easy battles.

The Sprinkles option allows you to influence battle in several ways, such as restoring HP and MP, resurrecting fallen allies, protect one of them from an attack, and more.

Safe Spot is the most important defensive maneuver in the game. This back row spot allows one Mii to restore HP and MP over time as well as heal any status ailment. While in the Safe Spot, however, the Mii will not be able to participate in direct combat, so you will be left with a reduced party until you take the Mii out of the Safe Spot.

Enemy Status lets you check out enemy stats and HP. Unlike in the original 3DS version, Enemy Status can only be used at the start of battle, so beware.

Run! is pretty self-explainatory. With this action, you will feel the battle and the level, but EXP, money, and item drops obtained up until the battle you are escaping from are kept.

Hero’s Menu

When it is your Mii’s turn in combat, you will be able to perform a variety of actions. With the Attack command, you will be able to attack the enemy, lend a hand, and perform a pincer attack, which turns regular single-target attacks into all-out attacks.

If your horse can assist you in combat, the Attack command will turn into Horse, allowing you to use any of the abilities you have learned by deepening your bond with your horse.

Skills/Magic lets your Hero use all of the current job’s skills and magic in a very straightforward fashion.

The final command in the Hero’s combat menu is Snacks, which lets you access restorative items, which are quite useful to use in a pinch.

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