Characters in Miitopia set themselves apart not only thanks to their jobs but also thanks to their personalities, which dictate how they behave towards the other party members. How a party synergizes is also dependant on the Mii personalities, making finding the right balance extremely important if you want to complete the game with ease.

Here’s everything you need to know about personalities in Miitopia.

How Many Personalities Are In Miitopia?

Miitopia features seven different types of personalities: Air-Headed, Cautious, Cool, Energetic, Kind, Laid-Back, and Stubborn. Each personality has its own traits that dictate how the Mii behaves towards other party members also depending on the type of relationships they have. This is determined by two more factors called Affection and Resentment. These two stats are increased by performing positive and negative actions respectively and can make quite a difference in battle performance.


Air-Headed Miis live in their own world, and are often uninterested in what is happening all around them. As such, their combat actions aren’t particularly reliable: Oops lets them damage a random enemy with a 15x damage bonus, while Sleepyhead lets them regain health on their turns instead of fighting. These Miis often help others in battle, so it’s a good personality to have, in conjunction with a few more focused ones.


Cautious Miis are always very careful about what they do, resulting in some very useful battle actions like Finisher, which lets them unleash a focused fishing attack on an enemy, Warm-Up, which increases damage dealt to enemies, and Prepped and Ready, which makes the Mii prepared for all sorts of situations, especially for emergency healing.


Cool Miis are usually pretty good in combat, assisting the party’s offensive with actions like Pressure Points, which can sometimes deal additional damage per attack, and Avoid, which has the chance to negate all damage from enemies. The Shant action can result in the Mii not assisting other characters who are trying to take cover behind them, while Indifference can remove status ailments. An offensive-oriented personality that can make a difference in battle.


Energetic Miis cannot stand still, which is definitely a good thing in Miitopia, as they can take quite a beating and survive an otherwise fatal attack with the Hang On action. They definitely need an action like this one, since the Charge action, which increases damage dealt, requires HP to be used. The Cheer action is also extremely useful to restore MP, making the Energetic Miis among the most useful characters to have in battle.


Kind Miis are perfect to create a balanced party, as they are the only ones that 100% focus on helping the other characters. The Cover action not only lets them defend other party members but also increases the affection towards them, while Donate lets them give their HP and MP restorative items to party members in need. Way more dangerous is the Spare action, which has the chance to let monsters walk away from battle. If the action fails, however, the monster will deal additional damage, and the overall resentment towards the Kind Mii will increase.


Laid-Back Miis can be a little problematic in combat. These Miis don’t really like fighting, and actions like Hide and Cadge result in an increase of resentment as well. When they do want to fight, their performance is very hit-and-miss, as the Get Serious action will cause them to focus on battling, but makes them use more HP and MP as usual. Slack Off lets them fight at half their usual MP usage, forcing you to balance things appropriately. The best action any Laid-Back Mii can perform is the Nah action, which completely negates status ailments.


Stubborn Miis are a real asset in battle. The Again action lets them attack an enemy twice if they think the previous attack wasn’t satisfactory. Patience also lets them cut received damage in half by letting them anticipate any enemy attack. Just watch out for the Bluff action, which increases resentment due to the Stubborn Mii refusing to assist party members.

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