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How Do You Get Ancient Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom

How Do You Get Ancient Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom
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Cookie Run Kingdom is an exciting RPG about the adventures of cute Cookies. Players create a team of 5 cookies to fight different monsters and bosses. There are a large number of different cookies in the game, and the legendary Ancient Cookies stand out among them. We created this guide to help you get all the Ancient Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, because they are without a doubt the best cookies in the game. Keep Reading below to find out how to get them!

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How Do You Get Ancient Cookies

According to the game’s lore, the first living Cookies were created using Soul Jam. Because of what they were incredibly powerful. These Ancient Cookies fought the Dark Enchantress Cookie and also ruled their kingdoms. But before the main events of the game, these Cookies lost the battle with the Dark Enchantress Cookie and disappeared. There are 5 Ancient Cookies in total:

  • Golden Cheese Cookies
  • White Lily Cookie
  • Hollyberry Cookies
  • Pure Vanilla Cookies
  • Dark Cacao Cookies

Right now, only the last three Ancient Cookies are playable, with the Golden Cheese Cookie and White Lily Cookie appearing during the story. Since these Cookies are very strong, it is very difficult to obtain them.

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Players can get Ancient Cookies through Cookie Gacha however, the chance is only 0.054%. Sometimes, during certain events in the game, Nether-Gacha will appear which has a higher chance of obtaining Ancient Cookies.

As for Ancient Cookie Soulstones, they are also not easy to get. They can only be purchased from the Medal Shop or can be obtained as a reward for rare time-limited events. There are no other ways to obtain or purchase Ancient Cookie Soulstones.

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How Do You Get Ancient Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom


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