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Who is Kumiho Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Who is Kumiho Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a role-playing, multiplayer game that is a spin-off of publishers and developers Devsisters, but which does not lose its relevance and popularity among gamers to this day. In our guide, you will be able to understand who is Kumiho Cookie in the game Cookie Run: Kingdom and we will briefly tell you its backstory.

Who is Kumiho Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Kumiho Cookie is an epic cookie quality released on September 26, 2016, along with Bead the Fox pet. This Cookie has the ability to create more points with all Bear Jellies while in Cookie Form.

Note: When players start the game, she will be in her pet fox form, so players need to double jump 9 times before she transforms into her cookie form. Double jump 9 times to transform into a Kumiho, seducing the bear cub and gaining extra points. Level up Kumiho to get more points for captured bear jellyfish.

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Marshmallow, in the form of a fox, really wanted to become Cookie, so she learned a spell that turned her into Cookie, surviving on flour and butter for 999 days. As a result, she can now transform into the curvy and attractive Kuki Kumiho. Anyone who looks at her will immediately fall in love. She blinds everyone with her nine tails.

We hope our story was useful to you and you could still find out who Kumiho Cookie is and learn something new for yourself.

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Who is Kumiho Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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