Alchemy Stars is one of Tencent Games’ latest RPGs to hit the mobile scene. Blending match-3 puzzle elements with tactical Japanese RPGs, Alchemy Stars brings a lot to the table with its new style of gameplay. Despite having a unique battle system, Alchemy Stars still borrows classic mechanics like elemental advantages. Today, we’ll show you how Alchemy Stars’ element advantages work!

Basics of the Elemental Counter Circle

Every unit in Alchemy Stars belongs to one of the four basic elements: fire, water, wood, and thunder. Each element has its own passive bonuses and attributes, but they also deal additional damage to one other element.

Alchemy Stars follows the basic elemental rock, paper, scissors system: water beats fire, fire beats wood, wood beats thunder, and thunder beats water. When a unit with the elemental advantage attacks another unit, they’ll deal bonus damage. On the flip side, attacking with a disadvantageous element will deal less damage.

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Before you head into a stage, you’ll be able to preview the types of enemies you’ll encounter. Just check the left side of the screen, and you’ll see elemental circles on all the enemies, so you know how to prepare. As a general rule, expect to see a lot of fire-type enemies as you progress through the main campaign.

Dual Elements

As you progress through the game and awaken your Aurorians, you’ll eventually start seeing units with two elements. Units can have double of the same element, or they can have two different elements.

Units with two of the same element will deal increased damage, about 20% more. For example, a unit with two water elements will deal increased damage when water tiles are flipped.

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Units with two different elements can attack when their respective elements are flipped. For example, a unit with water and fire elements can attack whenever blue and red tiles are flipped, granting extra flexibility within your team composition.

That’s about all you need to know about Alchemy Stars’ elemental advantages system. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below.

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