Holocure Choco Build Guide

choco fighting enemies in holocure

Hololive’s beautiful nurse Yuzuki Choco is finally playable in Holocure, the fan made game featuring the idols of Cover Corporation. Having dropped along with her 4 genmates, this alluring demon knows just the way to heal your soul and your heart. In keeping with her character traits, many of Choco’s attacks are support or status based. She’s a great character for players of all levels to use thanks to her build. This is the best Holocure Choco build guide.

The Best Items For Choco

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You want to pick items that will support Choco’s healing abilities. She also has a skill that temporarily converts enemies to her side, so ones that increase the amount of enemies will help as well.

  • Injection Type Asacoco
  • Halu
  • Sake
  • Plushie
  • Full Meal
  • Uber Sheep
  • Headphones
  • Just Bandage

Choco’s Attacks And Skills

Choco using an attack in Holocure.
  • Chocotto Cooking – With this skill, Choco will the force the enemies to drop cooking supplies, which she will then in turn use to make meals that will boost critical damage and raise HP.
  • Nurse – As a school nurse of the Underworld Academy according to lore, Choco has the magic healing touch. Using the Nurse skill, she can boost her healing abilities and land some heavy damage on enemies.
  • Demon Whisper – Choco is known for her talents in ASMR and her ability to charm listeners, so this skill fits her perfectly. Using this, Choco can temporarily hypnotize an enemy to her side using the Demon Whisper skill.
  • Choco’s basic weapon is the Love Needle, a weapon that attacks enemies standing in front of Choco.
  • S. Dynamic Body – When it come to this nurse’s power S. Dynamite Body is an amazing attack. When this is active, she will knock down the defense and attack of every enemy. Similar to Ina’s Ancient One skill, Dynamite Body will temporarily lure nearby enemies to Choco’s side, where they will battle as her minions.

Overall, Choco is shaping up to be one of the best new support characters in the game. To learn more about playing Holocure, be sure to follow Touch Tap Play’s coverage of the game’s mechanics!

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Holocure Choco Build Guide


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