Holocure: Best Ayame Build – Guide

ayame using an attack in holocure

Get ready to sing Docchi Docchi because Hololive’s adorable oni swordswoman is in Holocure now. Nakiri Ayame is a speed-based unit with hack and slash mechanics that make her perfect for doing timed challenges. She is very reminiscent of a Devil May Cry character here, using her weapon to speedrun waves of enemies. This will tell you all you need to know about having the best Ayame build in Holocure.

Best Items For Ayame

Ayame attacking groups of enemies.

Ayame is excellent at sustaining herself, but these items will greatly help with that:

  • Face Mask
  • Nurse’s Horn
  • Energy Drink
  • Just Bandage
  • Breastplate

Ayame’s Skills And Attacks

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Some of these names might sound familiar to you, as they are references to certain events and certain funny moments in Hololive. Holocure is filled with easter eggs that both old and new fans might recognize. If you spot and know all of them, you are a true professional fan.

Ayame’s support based skill is called Ayame Defense Field. With this, she gains temporary invincibility after being attacked a certain number of times.

Nakirium will allow Ayame to go faster the closer targets are to her. Depending on the distance, they will release a certain amount of experience points upon being defeated.

The basic attack Ayame uses is called Dual Katana. It is a slashing move that directly attacks enemies in front of Ayame. This move works in conjunction with her Lady of the Oni skill, which will increase haste as enemies are slashed away at. Ayame’s main move will also affect the slashing attack.

How Ayame’s Skills Influence Her Power

Called Spirit of the Oni, this move raises the power of Dual Katana and eventually does a one-shot massive amount of damage to every enemy.

How To Unlock Ayame

To get Ayame, you simply need to collect a certain amount of coins by playing the game. After you get 1000 coins, go to the Shop section, scroll over to generation two and play the gacha to test your luck. If you don’t get Ayame, the other four ladies are good units too, including Shion and Subaru.

Play as Ayame today for all your speedrun games in Holocure! You can get the game for free of charge today on the developer Kay Yu’s website.

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Holocure: Best Ayame Build – Guide


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