We have already talked about strategy in our Hollywood U tips & tricks article, but now it’s time to get a bit more in depth and touch an extremely important aspect of the game: diamonds! This is the premium currency in this iPhone and iPad hit and you will need diamonds especially for completing VIP quests, but for a bunch of other advantages too. And we’re here to make it a lot easier for you.

So let’s not waste any time! I am sure that you want to get as many as possible, so let’s see how to get more Hollywood U diamonds quickly in the game!

1. Connect your game to Facebook
This is the easiest and certainly the best way to get a lot of free diamonds in Hollywood U: simply connect your game to Facebook and start enjoying the rewards! You can get 3 diamonds for every new character that you connect to a real Facebook friend (and the best part is that they won’t be spammed about this). Then, you can defriend them, recruit another new player and do the same over and over again. This is a huge win!

2. Complete quests
You will naturally do this as you play and you will get diamonds in the process. Not all quests reward you with diamonds, that’s true, but many do so never forget about them and make sure you’re always working on completing as many as possible.

3. Look for special events
These are also great ways to earn some free diamonds. Special events can’t be predicted but they are launched pretty often and are usually relatively easy to complete. You will get sweet diamond rewards for completing them, so make sure that you log in to the game daily and that you check out for special events or special rewards launched by the developers.

4. Save to have diamonds
I know that the waiting times in the game can get pretty crazy every now and then, but it’s usually worth to be patient. Don’t rush the quest and instead save your diamonds for the VIP quests, which in turn reward you with even more diamonds. Always have a stash ready for completing these great quests and only spend on rushing time when you really have to!

5. Watch videos
The developers have announced that soon we’ll have the option to watch videos for free diamonds – so make sure that you always watch the maximum you can per day in order to max out your diamonds in the game. There is no word on when this will happen, but we really hope it’s sooner rather than later.

6. Visit your friends
Once you have added some friends in Hollywood U, you will have a chance to visit their campuses and get quests there as well, and you will be rewarded with diamonds upon completing them. So make sure that you add as many friends as possible and check their campus out regularly.

Right now, these are the only ways that we know of when it comes to getting new diamonds in Hollywood U. Do you have other strategies? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. When Chris asks to be in the music video with the girl who used to be the mermaid on a show. What happens if i let him come in the video and what happens if i stick to the script and dont let him in the video? Which one should i choose?

  2. I only have 8 diamonds and Chris just asked me to go out and it says to spend 50 diamonds on the way home and I can’t go onto face book because none of my friends are playing this game

  3. I went out for Italian food with Chris Winters and later on when the date was finished and a pop-up said date success and other stuff and then I clicked my amour and Chris wasn’t their I heard you have to wait eight minutes and then spend fifty diamonds but on what? ………anything?


  4. Has anyone else had their videos completely disappear? I only need two more diamonds to go on the next Chris Winters date, but the little ‘watch videos’ icon has completely disappeared. I clicked on it three days ago and clicked on ‘yes’ so I could watch one, but it never played a video, and the icon hasn’t come back at all.

    • Yes the same happened to me I completely reset my game because without that I can’t date Chris winters I don’t know what happened !!

  5. What level do you unlock dating because I am on level nine at the moment and I have amour but I haven’t had any quests to do with it and when you click on a person it still says dating coming soon plz help me

    • If a new date has been uploaded the Amour will have a <3 above it. If you have the Amour you should have gone on atleast 3 dates with the default characters. Click on the Amour and they should appear

  6. If I don’t get Harrison in the first quest you meet him in will a urging bad happen ?? Like will I be able to recruit him again ??

  7. luv this game…… But will I have the chance to recruit Harrison later in the game????? I need more diamonds fast!!!!!

  8. I’m a guyvplaying, I know, weird, but when can u date other people besides Addison, Chris, ethan, etc? Cause u added my real life gf but don’t know how to add her.. :P

  9. I really love it… I have played this game for a very long time. But from few days I am just stuck on level 54. The main quest that gives you +xp has just disappeared..!! I am really disappointed… Please fix this bug.. I want to continue playing…!!!


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