I’ve been playing a lot of Hollywood U lately, the latest simulation / time management game for the iOS platform that sends you to Hollywood and challenges you to become a super celebrity. And since that’s just as difficult as it sounds, I have decided to come to your rescue and share with you some Hollywood U cheats and tips in a complete strategy guide to help you build up your campus as the greatest one that ever existed and turn you into an instant celebrity!

So if you want to have an advantage in the game or you simply need to know a few more things about this amazing title, read on and check out our Hollywood U tips and cheats to keep you going!

Time lapse cheat
There is a way to cheat at Hollywood U and move time forward, but it’s pretty risky. Either way, this is called the time lapse cheat and it goes like this: you have to close the app and remove it from your cache, then go to your device’s settings and set the time forward as much as you need for the quests to be ready. However, the developers are aware of this method of cheating and might end up punishing you with even longer wait times – so this is always a risk!

What are the best dorms?
There are, right now, three types of dorms that you can purchase in the game: Movie Star Dorm, Director Dorm and Fashionista Dorm. In my opinion, the best are those that hold the most people and give you most cash, but you should have a mix of them all because you will really need a varied entourage to keep on playing the game. However, in pure terms of profit, here are the best dorms:

Director Dorm: it can hold 3 people and can hold up to 360 cash. Best one!
Fashionista Dorm: it can hold 3 people and up to 240 cash.
Movie Star Dorm: it can hold 4 people and just 160 cash.

Ideally, you will rotate people in the dorms: the low level ones (who are producing the least money) are kept in the dorms with the lowest capacity, while the money makers are kept in the better dorms. Pretty easy and you’ll have money flowing in no time!

How to manage Entourage in the game
Entourage – or the people that you have in the game – are extremely important, but at some point you might have to send some home and move others to a new building. Simply tap the Dorm they are in, then tap their face. Once there, you have the option to customize their looks and clothes, but also defriend them (get some money in return) or move them in a new building. Alternately, you can select the characters by tapping the character icon in the right menu.

Don’t rush on expanding the campus!
Expanding your campus might be extremely cheap at first, but pretty soon the prices will skyrocket. And even though you afford to do it, there’s little reason to get ahead of yourself and buy as much as possible. There are some quests that require you to expand your land, and you don’t want to be stuck with an extremely expensive expansion. However, you could buy a new plot of land but only unlock it when you need the expansion: this way you save a lot of time!

Keep the parties going
Once you get the Club VIP, you should keep the parties going non stop in order to get more entourage for free – and increase your chances at getting at least one of all the characters. Pay attention to the combinations required for each type of student (you can see them in the store or check out our article on Hollywood U character combinations) and try it over and over again. The resulting characters are usually offered at random, with some easier to get than others, so all you have to do is to keep partying and eventually you’ll get a bit of everything!

Connect to Facebook for Free diamonds
Diamonds are extremely important in the game, as sometimes they are required to complete limited time missions. The easiest way to get free diamonds is by connecting your game to Facebbok and then linking all your in-game characters with friends – this will reward you with diamonds. You can then sell the friends and link them again – over and over again, actually, to get your diamonds. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but it gives you the premium currency for free! Also, completing quests sometimes rewards you with diamonds and you should NEVER spend them on rushing production!

How to maximize coin revenue in Hollywood U
When you start playing, coins are pretty scarce and everything is extremely expensive – and things will remain like this for a long time. However, I have some tips for you to maximize coin revenue in the game:

– fill up all your dorms, it doesn’t really matter with what type of students. Just keep them full to generate money. If you get better characters, simply sell the worse ones and replace them.
– level up your characters – the higher the level of your characters, the more money they make so the faster you can collect. I suggest having all your characters of at least level 5 – with the rare ones maxed out if possible.
– complete time sensitive quests. Some missions will reward you with extra money if you manage to complete them within a set time limit which is usually higher than the time normally required to complete the given mission. In other words – just be there to collect the rewards in time and you’ll get extra money. Easy like that!

Finally, if you manage to be patient and understand that this is a game that requires a lot of time for you to get far, you will get the most out of it. Also, if you have other suggestions or Hollywood U tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to share them with us or ask questions in the comments section below.


  1. What happens when you go on multiple dates with different people in Hollywood U? My character’s profile never said she was dating Chris, so I also went on a date with Ethan after(I haven’t completed it yet) but will something happen?

  2. Im still a newbie and just started the game after finding this on HS story. I’m on a quest that requires the blouse of cards outfit, but I can’t find it. Could anyone tell me under what section it’s under, or if it’s a glitch?

    • Once you reach a high enough level, a quest will appear to buy an amour restaurant. You date there. You get to date limited people first, but eventually you will get access to more and more people

  3. I have done really badly on hollywood u and was wondering if there was a way of restarting the game? I tried deleting the app and downloading it again but it didn’t work, any other ideas?

  4. MY QUEST glitched so every time I try to see the result it glitches and I always see that my quest is complete even thought when I click on it it won’t show me what happened

  5. so when do you get to date ANYONE? I dated Ethan Chris and Addison and Ethan again.. Is there a level I’d have to complete to date anyone???

    • I’m still trying o figure that out. I am on the same spot as you and i just got another date with chris…. they are just giving us dating quests in the meantime wile they are working to let us date whoever we want in our entourage

  6. Stuck on level 12 – the only quests offered (one per week) do not have exp points, so I am in limbo. I level up, buy a few decor items but cannot progress. Should I re- start the game? Anyone else having this problem?

  7. On my hollywood U I can’t make any one date it just keeps making me do different types of quests, do you eventually get other people to date or do you just have to keep doing quests??????????

  8. I’ve finished all the dating quests and now It said ‘there will be more dating quests soon, in the meantime tell us who you prefer’ if I don’t say who I prefer does that mean I can’t date other people until I say who I prefer?????

  9. Im so confused ok so I went on a date with Chris and everything went perfect and I finished that dating part but if I clicked on my person it says dating coming soon. So I thought maybe if I went on all the dates maybe it will unlock so I can actually date someone but when I finished all of them a messaged popes up saying ” new dates are coming! You can also unlock more quest by adding new types to you entourage!” so I don’t know how to date someone on here. Like so that it would say I’m dating that person

    • You can get a fashionista from partying if you let 2 fashionistas party, or if you let one fashionista and one person that’s a mix of a fashionista and something else. Like a fashionista and a make-up artist

    • Yup, I did the Hunt wears prada quest. Quite funny, especially what hunt says and does, but if you don’t have diamonds, feel free to skip it. i kept track of the rewards given and so far (the quest is finished for now), only one diamond is given as reward.

  10. Guys I want to date Thomas and Chris cus I’ve known since the beginning when he was being like a total douche and I’m stuck on a Chris date that needs diamonds and I just want to see how it goes with Thomas but I don’t wanna “betray” Chris either cuts things are going well and it’s super cool. Has anyone finished two people’s dates, and what happened?

  11. tell me how to get more diamonds? I stop playing because I dont have enough diamond to buy wardrobe designer. I also cant date with chris and professor because it have to pay with diamonds.. :(

  12. I have a question maybe y’all can help me out. I’ve been dating Chris and he already told me he loved me but I’m curious as to how the other dates will go. If I date other people will that ruin what I have with Chris?

  13. Does anyone know the right party combo to get a Girl action star?? Ive tried every director/star/fashionista mix. Including two guy action stars, and I just get more guy actions or other types entirely…thanks!

  14. How do you unlock dating because I have met chris winters, and he gave me his number and said fancy a date and I havent dated him yet.★★★☆☆☆♥♥♥♡♡♡

  15. Ive finished like all my dates with Chris. So I assumed at the end you would be able to get married or something. Does anyone know if you will ever be able to marry some one in the game.

  16. So I just went on a romantic getaway with Chris and he proposed with an 18k ring! He is down on one knee and it says to accept his proposal keep playing. Does anyone know how much longer till I can tell him yes … Not fair that they make you wait at that point :(

  17. So I just went on a romantic getaway with Chris and he proposed with an 18 carrot ring! He is down on one knee and it says to accept his proposal keep playing. Does anyone know how much longer till I can tell him yes. Not fair that they make you wait at that point

  18. The last date I had with Chris he was proposing to me and then the mission ended and I didn’t get to say yes or no I don’t even know if there is another date with Chris?? Anyone else know??

    • There is indeed another date with chris. You can choose yes or no. After your engagement is in the headlines, someone breaks into your dorm room and ruins the engagement present Chris gave you. Lisa suspects that Megan Moore did this, but this is as far as I gave gotten so far

  19. With the new dating quest Chris engagement do you get married and does he move into your campus, that would be a lot of fun! Can anyone please respond, thanks

  20. I’m on quest where I have to use someone who is “anyone dating the MC besides Emilia or Suresh Khan” I’m dating Ethan, Addison, and Aria, but whenever I click the box to fill the requirement, everyone says ineligible. (Note: none of them are doing quests, at couples corner, amour, or anything, but it still will NOT let me choose any of the three, yet they are all in my entourage…) Do I have to be at a certain point in my relationship with them or is this a glitch??

  21. So I started a quest and then my phone timed out. When I turned the game back on the quest was complete and in the middle of counting down, without me having a chance to read what happened. Is t here a way to go back and read what happened?

  22. Are u people dumb or something EVERYONE KNOWS that u need to unlock couples corner at level 6 or 7 and u unlock amour at level 5!! And how do u people not know hot to buy them !!!! U go into the FREAKIN STORE GOD PEOPLE ARE U PEOPLE NOOBS OR SOMETHING


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