In the amazing simulation game Hollywood U, it’s all about having the right entourage in order to become the biggest and best celebrity in the world and complete all the quests. However, getting there is extremely difficult and if you were to buy all the characters, you’d really need a real Hollywood star’s money because some of the entourage characters or friends are extremely expensive.

However, the good news is that you can get all the characters in Hollywood U for free as long as you party with the right people and have a bit of luck. And since in terms of luck, there’s not much I can help with, we’ll focus on the knowledge aspect and in this article I will share with you all the details about the Hollywood U character combinations that you need to send to a party in order to improve your chances of getting all the friends and characters in the game.

It won’t be easy and some are more difficult to get than others. Usually, the female versions of each type of Entourage is the most difficult to get, so you will have to party over and over with the same characters until you finally unlock that friend. Also, there are some reports that the higher the level or rarity of your characters, the higher your chances of getting the one that you need so it’s worth trying out.

Finally, before getting to the exact combinations needed to unlock all characters in Hollywood U, it’s worth having in mind a simple trick: try to always have people at parties (as we said in our tips and tricks article) but not the default ones that you normally need in the story and quests!

Now back to what we came here for: here are all the Hollywood U characters combinations to unlock all friends and entourage types in the game:

Movie Star: 250 cash in the game or party with 2 movie stars
Director: 250 cash in the game or party with 2 directors
Fashionista: 250 cash in the game or party with 2 Fashionistas
Pop Star: 2 Pop Stars

Agent: Party with a Director and Movie Star; or party between 2 Agents; or party between two Reality TV; or party between Agent and Reality TV.
Reality TV: Party with a Director and Movie Star; or party between 2 Agents; or party between two Reality TV; or party between Agent and Reality TV.
Wardrobe: Director & Fashionista; or 2 Wardrobe or 2 Make-up or Wardrobe/Make-up Combo
Make-Up: Director & Fashionista; or 2 Make-up or 2 Wardrobe or Wardrobe/Make-up Combo
Model: Movie Star & Fashionista; or 2 Models or 2 Celebutante or a Model/Celebutante Combo
Celebutante: Movie Star & Fashionista; or 2 Celebutantes or 2 Models or a Model/Celebutante Combo
Composer: Pop Star & Director or 2 Composers
Fairy Tale: Pop Star & Model, Pop Star & Celebutante, Compose & Action Hero or 2 Fairy Tale

Action Hero: A combination of any of the characters above, having in mind that you need to have all three elements (Star, Shoe and Film). In other words, you can get an Action hero after a party between a Make-up and Model, but not if you party Model and Celebutante. Make sure that all three elements are used!

Remember what I keep saying: you are not guaranteed a specific type of character so you have to party over and over again until you get what you want and need. It seems that if you send two similar characters at a party, you have better chances of getting another one of the same type – send two males for a female or two females for a males (that’s not guaranteed to work, though, but your chances are better this way). Also, more character types will surely be introduced to the game soon, so come back here to find everything about how to unlock them all!


    • You don’t have to date anyone. It doesn’t actually get you anywhere so really you’re just making your people busy when they could be completing quests.

      • Anniw, I was actually wondering if you or if anyone else knows what’s the whole deal with dating? (I really like how clear & precise your reply to Dan is). They said it’ll be unlocked at level 5 and I’m already at level 19 (yes, I can do dating via ‘amour’). BUT on our characters profiles it states “Dating coming soon” inside the picture frame where our boyfriends/girlfriends should be at (i.e., HHS set-up). Does anyone know when dating is made official? Or if you need to be on a certain higher level? Or is Annie right; that it is a waste of time since it goes nowhere and we are better off focusing on the actual quests at hand?

    • A fairy tail is a combination of the 4 basic types for a higher chance of getting one your best bet is to party either a:
      Pop star and action hero
      Composer and Model
      Composer and Celebutante

    • You just need to keep trying. I speak from experience when I say it takes forever to try and get an action hero. Recently though, I finally got one through partying an agent and a fashionista. It may not work the first time, or the second, but just keep trying. It should work. Good luck.

  1. I partied with two agents and I got the reality tv star on the first try! Except I still can’t get the fairytale. Can someone please help me? Thank you so much!

    • I got a fairy tale by partying a composer with an action hero. The party is 7 hours 30 minutes long. I got a male fairy tale on the first try :)

    • You could get one by having say 2 Guy Agents and have them at a pretty high level and just keep partying. From my other game, HSS, I noticed that the more you party with the same people over and over, the # of hrs increase and so are your chances of getting a rare type. :)

    • Just keep partying as you would for a guy agent (movie star and a director) one of those times, you should get a girl. Keep trying and good luck XD

  2. was able to get a female fairytale on my first try with a popstar and an action hero. took 1day and 1hr to party and another 1day and 1hr recruiting

  3. I need help ending this party! My new makeup artist is already done being recruited, I have her in a house & leveled up to 5 already. But my quest won’t end for some reason, like it’s not check marked but the party & recruitment is over… Im so confused. I even tried upgrading the admissions office but that didn’t work:(

    • Hmm, Do you think You could try and get another makeup artist? That sometimes happen to me, only when I do like expanding and the partying, then it says as a quest to do so. Like for example, I put my character and another person into party mode and say it lasted for 3hrs. Then after it finished and I tapped on it, then later on there’s a quest saying to party with your character and when you do, it’s another 3hrs of waiting. Let’s see what happens if you get another makeup artist and do it again.. It could be your phone glitching, so you could always re-boot your phone and do it again.

    • I put a celebrunat with a agent what do I get. Also s it the rarer they r the more time they take to party.

      I just woke up this morning and you get a guy model if you party a celebrunat with an agent. Woohoo only problem is it takes 6hours in the admissions office. Boo. I wish they could be quicker.

  4. There are a few more character types now! Stunt (gray) and Special FX (gray and blue)! You can buy a Stunt-type with 290 diamonds (female; starts @$11/hr) or $25,000 (male; starts @$10/hr). Or you can wait until you get Crash, and that will take care of your Stunt-type.

    To get Special FX, you can either purchase or party! You can buy a Special FX-type with 600 diamonds (female; starts @$61/hr) or 270 diamonds (male; starts @$60/hr). OR (the much better way in my opinion) you can party for them. Just take any Stunt-type (preferably Crash, this way it’s free!) and go party with any Director-type. They make a considerable amount of money, especially when you level them up!

    There is a very slight downside. The Stunt-type requires a new dorm: the Stunt Dorm. It costs $1,000. It has a capacity of three (3) and its Max Cash is: a whopping $300. My advice is to use your Stunt-type to make a few Special FX-types and stick them in your (preferably upgraded) Director Dorms because the upgraded Director Dorms can hold five (5) people and have a Max Cash of $2400!

    Good luck and have fun!

  5. I can’t seem to get a stupid wardrobe designer I have tried everything. I thought completeing all the dates would unlock you know dating form everyone like they could date like in high school story,BTW don’t get high school story. I have a glitch for it to skip quests and dates. Just set the time to how long it takes to complete the quest. U get detention though I got rid of it because I had five hour detention. XD

    • Wow. I thought getting a Wardrobe Designer was pretty easy. For Make-Up If you did party classmates (Fashionista on left, Director right) then you should party vice-versa for Wardrobe Designer. Make sure both friends are at least 4-5 lvl high.
      I love HSS! I did that too but realized skipping isn’t worth it, for it makes the whole experience boring. So I decided to only play once a day because of the quests and all, and it’s still fun! Currently on lvl 17.

  6. I am trying to get a fairy tale. I didn’t have luck so far. I tried action hero+pop star; model+composer; celebutante+composer, tomorrow I’m trying action hero+composer. *fingers crossed*

    When will I have more friends and dorms? I’m on level 13. Thanks in advance :)

    • Try a high-level movie star and a director, and keep doing that combination! You’ll get lots of guy agents, but a girl agent will eventually turn up

  7. I still can’t get a wardrobe designer. I keep using a director and fashionista. But every single time I get a make-up artist. I have to do two quests with a wardrobe designer. So I just have 1 quest that I’m doing. SO PLEASE GIVE ME ACCURATE COMBONATION FOR WARDROBE. AND ALSO A COMPOSER. thx

    • You can get an award host by completing a quest. When you complete he quest you get Harrison. You can also get one by partying. I think you need to have a pop star, fashionista, and movie star or any combination of those to get an award host.

  8. I can’t seem to get the fairy tale character and I’ve tried all the combinations for about a week now nothing working any tips on what’s worked for anyone that already got it

  9. To get a fairy tale I did a composer and a model. Make sure they are high level for example mine was level 5-6

    Also new updates we can now have a diva which is a combination of a fashionista and pop star also we have a award show host which is a three way combination between popstar,movie star, and fashionista

    • Party with someone who doesn’t create something else. Party with a fashionista and Crash. You may not get it on the first thoug so just saying.

    • What’s that character? do I have to level up to get that character.? Because I’m in the middle of Level five? Just wondering because that really really cool thank you bye

      • People, just go to shop, then friends and swipe to see what a fairytale is unless you can’t then my bad. A fairytale is a combination of a fashionista, movie star, director, and popstar all combined. I think you need a popstar or Lisa Valentine(she’ a popstar and girl) to see and try to get a fairytale. By the way, there pretty hard to get in my opinion and many others.

  10. I can’t manage to get a fairy tale I’ve tried the combinations and it still isn’t turning up! Is there any other combination that I could use to get fairy tale? Please help!!

  11. I’ve been stuck in trying to get a Fairytale for so long! I’ve tried all the combos even mixing the genders..ITS SO FRUSTRATING :( any other tips? How do I get a Composer Boy because I also can’t manage that either >:( . thanks guys

  12. Im trying to get a agent women but I can’t I tried so many time but it doesn’t seem to work I tried director and movie star but it’s doesn’t work what do I do???

    • If you haven’t gotten her already by the time you get this comment, two males are better chances for a girl, and vice versa. The girl agents are a bit more rare, so it’ll take a while to get them. I got mine after like seven parties.

      • Unfortunately, I’ve tried to party same character and level as you but I can’t get a action hero girl until now…i don’t know what am I to do… even the fu***ng keypad can’t write Capital letter…

  13. Umm same with what Elly said, I need a girl action hero and I’ve partied about ten times and I keep getting guy agents and celebutantes. Help!

  14. for those who still havent gotten their girl action hero, you really need to try partying Ethan (Male agent-lvl 20) and Aria (Girl celebutante-lvl 15) . I did that and got my girl action hero on the first try
    Good luck !

    I need to get the girl fairy tale & stunt girl & magician girl . Does anyone knows how ? Nd there’s 2 new character coming when u reached level 23 anyone has reached that level ?

    • I just got my girl fairy tale….While I was trying to get my girl action hero lol.
      i used a male action hero and a female award host to get my fairy tale girl… was a super long party, lasted about a day and a half.

  15. does anyone knows the combonations for :
    1) Fairytale girl
    2) magician girl
    3) stunt girl

    Been trying every possible combos but still failed . Even tried with both males to get the females but still failed . Help please

  16. Can someone help me i’ve tried everything all i have are fashionista, directors, movie stars, and agents but can’t find the right combo that’ll give me a make-up artist.

  17. I don’t get *girl* action hero until now… I tried to party severly *Ethan(20)* and *Aria*(celebutant 15) but I just get the girl celebutant or others.
    So I want other options.. Does someone have another party combination..?

  18. Ive partied a male movie star(10+level) and a female stunt(level 3) it has an 18+Hour party time does anyone know what It could be? Im hoping lady magician because i need that and about 2 other characters to have all of them opposites. Save for female host but that won’t be happening now.

  19. I’m so happy I FINALLY got a Girl Action Hero!!! I’ve been trying for over 6 weeks until I found the right combo. I partied with Aria (Lvl 17) and a Male Reality Show (Lvl 15). Try that out! Good luck! The party lasted about 22 hours.

  20. I have been trying for 4 weeks at 3x’s a day to get a girl action hero, this is getting rediculous if they are all this hard to get forget it, I will just delete it.

  21. I cannot get a diva to save my life!! I’ve been trying for almost two weeks and I have yet to get a diva! Someone please help me I’ve been parting with a fashion and a pop star and NOTHING.

    • I’d recommend to start watching ads and partying different people ( Remember if you don’t a person you can always de friend them after they finish the admissions office )

  22. You can get a diva by partying with a guy celeb and a girl model. I don’t know if I have gave you the right gender for the model but have a go and see what happens. ( BTW I got a male diva after partying).

  23. TO erinnahhh:

    I LET Aria (level 17) and a male reality TV (level 15) party so I have girl action hero as you done but the result is not girl action hero :( can you help me?

  24. How to get
    1.special FX girl
    2.composer male
    3.diva female
    4.action hero girl
    5.female fairy tal male mogul male
    8.magician girl
    9.female broadway
    10.male fantasy
    11.female super hero
    12.male stunt driver
    13.award host

    • I have the same problem,I am on level 9,and you?
      I am now on the main quest Crash and Burn, and i have 3 other quests!
      I can’t get a girl celebutante, for the rare quest!
      And i have the quest where i help a composer and i need to have a fairy tale to finish it!
      But I don’t know how to party 4 people at the same time,do you?

  25. hey, thank you for helping, but I still don’t know how to get Fairy Tale and Girl Celebutante..
    I don’t know how to party 4 people at the same time!
    And for celebutante i have partied a hundred times,and nothing!
    I tried everything!
    Help me, please!

  26. I have been playing this game for a couple months, and over the last month I can’t seem to get a fairy tale. I’ve tried the combinations over the last month and still can’t get it. Any thoughts?

    • I got a male fairy tale at the first try, by partying female composer and female model, if you want a female fairy tale try with male characters, if this doesn’t work try with pop star and action hero or composer and celebutante or be persistant

  27. I can’t seem to be getting a girl wardrobe designer even though i partied every possible person…..even ethan and makeup artist but still no girl wardrobe! HELPPPPPPP!

  28. Hi guys, i’ve got a problem: i can’t get my characters out of the party ?! What do i have to do ? (I’ve tried deleting the application and log it again but it didn’t worked)

  29. Hi plzzzz help me I want aria in my entourage and I don’t want to spend diamond for that..can anyone tell which combination I have to party for recruiting aria

  30. Watching videos for diamonds won’t work for me every time I try it on hss and Hollywood u there’s an error playing the vid is anybody else experiencing the same problem

  31. I need a vampier i cant get one from the shop so was wondering if there are any party combinations ? I got a male zombie 1st try by partying with a 2 ghost penlope and gasper

  32. Has ANYONE ever partied and got a female rapper by luck? I have 2 male rappers (both at level 25) and partied for the past 6 months with no luck!!!


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