Hipster Smackdown Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Complete All Stages


I love Hipster Smackdown! Not because one of my secret dreams is to hit hipsters where it hurts the most and send them flying over an apartment building, but because that’s actually a really well done and challenging game, without being an impossible ride like Flappy Bird – although it does get really difficult at times. So let’s check out together a set of Hipster Smackdown cheats: tips and tricks that will help you get as far as possible, complete all the challenges and have the most possible fun. Because that’s why games are made! So checkout below our set of Hipster Smackdown tips and add your own by commenting.

1. A good launch is what you need
You should really aim to get a perfect launch for your hipster, when the arrow reaches the dark green color. You can fail, it’s not that much of a biggie – if you tap when the arrow hits the red color, the hipster will simply fall and you can restart immediately, so you won’t lose too much time. So a good launch is really what will help you complete all stages quickly.

2. Time your landings
There are some extremely sensitive things on which you can land your hipster (like the truck with the mattresses, the cannon and so on). If you get your hipster there too soon, you will end your run. So learn where these obstacles are, anticipate them and make sure you’re ready for a perfect landing.

3. The higher you get, the better
And I am actually talking about height here, in the game. Try to get the hipster as high as possible in the air, using balloons and all other means, as it will make things a lot easier for you. In many levels there are two possible routes and the easiest and fastest is the higher one.

4. Look across the street for help
Some items that would give you different boosts (like traffic lights, manholes and so on) can be easily spotted if you look at the sidewalk across the street. This helps you time your falls perfectly – but does not apply for special items like cannons, dogs, rocket boxes and so on. Still helpful and good to know.

5. Only fly when necessary
Most of the levels have enough flapping power to make Hipster Smackdown an easy breeze. If you combine that with the smart use of flapping and do it only when really necessary, your power meter will be enough to hold you though the ride. Also, remember that it’s easier to tap and hold instead of taping fast to keep the hipster flapping.

For now, these would be our tips and tricks for Hipster Smackdown. We really hope that they will help you get as far as possible and, just as I said in the intro, if you have more – share them with us by commenting below.

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Hipster Smackdown Cheats: Tips & Tricks to Complete All Stages



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