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Hero Cantare Reroll Guide: Best Hero to Aim for

Hero Cantare Reroll Guide: Best Hero to Aim for

Hero Cantare makes rerolling for your favorite character (or one of the best) easier than most other games out there.

Today, we’re here to share with you a complete Hero Cantare reroll guide, from how to do it to the best character to aim for if you want a head start.

In order to reroll in Hero Cantare, you must head over to the Portal section of the game after completing stage 1-5 and open the Selective Cube. First time you do it, you get 10 rolls, with a guaranteed SS. You can hit the refresh button as many times as you want until you are happy with your roll.

As you can see, unlike most other games, Hero Cantare doesn’t force us to restart and go through the tutorial just to increase our chances of getting a great SS character.

So while the rerolling process is extremely easy, you should still look at a couple of things:

  1. First and most important, that you get an amazing SS character (recommendations below)
  2. Also look at the other heroes that you are getting: ideally, you should get three S characters as well (not two)

Now, having all these in mind, let’s discuss a bit the best character to reroll for. You shouldn’t do it like I did and just follow your gut – you have to research a bit to make sure that you do get an amazing character.

As you see in the images in this article, I rerolled twice, and once I got Green-April Yuri Ha, once Maschenny and once Sujin Lee.

I chose the latter because she seemed good and I liked her avatar, to be honest. This isn’t how you should do it, though, if you want to have an advantage in battle!

Here are the best SS characters that you can get in Hero Cantare. Be patient and reroll until you find one of them (or the one): it’s easier to do than in all other games out there anyway!

Max Level Warrior – yup, that’s the name of the character! It is one of the best offensive units in the game at the moment, perfect for ranking high in the arena and quickly going through the story mode. A great one to start with!

Chloris – many people don’t like her because she’s not offensive minded and therefore not extremely spectacular, but she’s the best healer in the game and insanely useful!

Witch of the West Mira Yoo – another great character focused on dealing damage. The best part is that she’s versatile and equally useful in all game’s instances

Yeon’s Flame Khun – probably the best supporter unit in the game, thanks to the revive and permanent attack boost.

My opinion is that any of the four recommended heroes would be a great fit for starting up strong. Pick Warrior or Mira Yoo if you want to start with a defense bonus, or Chloris or Yeon if you want to think long term and set the foundation of a truly amazing team.

IMPORTANT: At the moment of writing this article, soon after the Global release of the game, one SS character is offered for free as a reward in day 4: Black March Bam. Therefore, out of all characters you can get, try not to get him because you’ll get him for free anyway!

Most of the SS units are very good so even if you do it like I did and choose one based on their looks or what seems right at the moment, you will most likely still get a good character.

Other great characters (or at least better than most) are Maschenny (damage dealing), Hilda (damage dealing, good in all stages) or God Killer Zero (Supporter).

And this would be our guide to rerolling in Hero Cantare, including the best characters to reroll for.

Do you agree with us that the listed heroes are the best to reroll for, or you think another one would be more suited for the leading role in your team. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

And if you need additional advice related to the game, don’t hesitate to check out our Hero Cantare guide.

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Hero Cantare Reroll Guide: Best Hero to Aim for



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