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Hello Kitty Island Adventure: Haunted House Puzzle Guide

Check out our guide to find out how to get through the Hello Kitty Island Adventure Haunted House and avoid all trap doors!

There is something spooky going on in the Hello Kitty Island Adventure swamps! An old abandoned Haunted House is discovered and, together with Kuromi, you must make your way through solving each room’s puzzle before it can be opened. Let’s explore together how to solve each room in our Hello Kitty Island Adventure Haunted House puzzle guide.

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How to Complete the Hello Kitty Island Adventure Haunted House Puzzle Rooms

Each room in the Hello Kitty Island Adventure Haunted House is designed to bamboozle you, making you stop and think about your next step, because if you take a step wrong you may just be sent back to the start! or fall through the floor. Get through each room to get to the door at the end and after ten rooms you will have completed the whole spooky house!

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  • Room One: go right, then head straight up until you get the final bookcase and head left then straight to the door.
  • Room Two: this room is pretty simple. Just avoid the slightly raised panels in the floor- these are trap doors!
  • Room Three: this is another pretty simple room. Walk to the right until you reach the final table then turn left and walk through the middle to the door.
  • Room Four: find the correct door that leads out. They all lead back into Room Four except one (it’s the second door on the left right at the top!)
  • Room Five: this is where things get a bit trickier. The trick is to pull the levers in the right order first- bottom right, top right, top left, bottom left. This leads to a small room where it shows you the door passcode – red heart on, yellow star off, purple ring off, green triangle on. This refers to the buttons in the next room. Walk on the right buttons to turn them on ad open the door. If you get it wrong just reset using the purple floor button on the right of the door.
  • Room Six: this is another lever puzzle. Solve it by pulling the levers in this order: bottom left, top right.
  • Room Seven: there are levers in the maze you must pull to move the bookcases. The first can be found by heading right, and then left toward the portraits of My Melody, head right and around the corner until you find the lever. Go back the way you came then head left and all the way to the bottom to find another lever. Go back the way you came but instead of heading to the middle, go left and up to find another lever. Now go all the way to the other side of the maze and head down to find another lever. This final lever unblocks the door which is situated at the very top of the maze.
  • Room Eight: in this room there are two pink buttons on either side. Press each one to see where the trap doors are. Remember where they are and follow the path safely avoiding the trap doors.
  • Room Nine: this room is a lever trick room once again. Pull the right lever, then the left to see which floors and bookcases they move. You will have to pull each lever to move the floors and bookcases until the middle walkway is clear. The levers should be pulled in this order: right, left, middle, middle, right, left, right, left, middle, left, right, left. The safe path is on the right side.
  • Room Ten: head straight up the left and pull the lever then head all the way to the bottom right and pull that lever. Walk up through the middle and pull the lever there, and then pull the lever in the top left corner. Go back to the middle lever and pull it, then back to pull the bottom right corner lever. You should now be able to make you way all the way around the edge of the maze safely to the door on the right.

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The final door you walk through has the green energy crystal you are looking for to finish your Hello Kitty Island Adventure quest.

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Hello Kitty Island Adventure: Haunted House Puzzle Guide