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Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream – Tier List & Best Units

Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream – Tier List & Best Units
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So, you just started playing Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream, and you are wondering which are the best characters in the game and which are the bad ones, right? If that’s so, you are at the right place. On this page, you can find the best characters in the game, tips on how to build your team, and more. Read more below!

Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream – Characters’ Evaluation

Because of the introduction of new characters and game updates, the strongest characters vary from time to time. Generally, the strongest characters are being determined by the following criteria:

  • Character’s rarity
  • Max level status
  • Partner combination and formation compatibility
  • Position

There hasn’t really been enough time since the release of the game for a meta to settle. Making a complete tier list at this point in time would be a mistake as it wouldn’t be accurate. With that said, there are certain things that we already know for sure. For example:

Getting an Iconic Setter is the best way to start the game. Because of the large number of characters in the game, it will be extremely hard to go for specific characters. If you can get your hands on 2-3 of these characters, you are set for a smooth game experience at this point.

Below, you can find our personal recommendations for each position at this stage of the game and more.

Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream – SS Tier (Gacha)

Oikawa Tooru

  • This is the best character that you can get right now. The reason is his very high serve and spike performance to go along with his high overall stats. If just started the game and you are re-rolling to get good characters, this one should be on the top of your list.

Kageyama Tobio

  • Tobio is the second-best unit you can get from the banner if you are a new player. He has similar high stats to Tooru and even though his spike and serve are not as high, they are still better compared to other setters. On top of that, if you have Shoyo Hinata you can perform combo.

Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream – S Tier (Gacha)

Kozume Kenma

  • Even though he lacks in terms of overall stats compared to the other two setters, he’s still an iconic setter which makes him a solid unit overall. If you get him along with another iconic character, you are good to go.

Azumane Ahahi

  • Azumane Asahi is a Wing Spiker (WS) with very high scoring ability. During the early game, you want to focus on scoring points. So, offense is more important than defense in that regard and Asahi excels at it.

Tetsuro Kuroo

  • Even though we just mentioned that in the early game, you should focus on offense rather than defense, Kuroo is the exception. The reason is his extremely high blocking ability that allows you to build your defense around him.

Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream – A Tier (Gacha)

  • Sugawara Koshi
  • Kogenewara Kanji
  • Haga Yoshiharu
  • Natsuse Ibuki
  • Yuzuru Komaki
  • Takeharu Futamata
  • Kazuma Hanayama

Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream – Strongest Team

Image via Touch, Tap, Play
Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream – Best Setters:
  • Tobio Kageyama
  • Oikawa Tooru
  • Kozume Kenma
Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream – Best Libero:
  • Nishinoya Yu
Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream – Best Middle Blockers:
  • Kuroo Tetsurou
  • Shinata Shoyo
Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream – Best Wing Spykers:
  • Azumane Asahi

Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream – Team Building

Having great players will definitely make your team good, but there are also some other factors that you need to take into consideration when you are preparing for a game.

Advantageous Attributes

Screenshot via Touch, Tap, Play
  • In the top, you can see the information about the opposing team. Notice the rock, paper, scissors symbol in your opponent’s top right corner.
  • Remember that arranging members with favorable traits can considerably assist you in winning the match when establishing a team!
  • The mission clear criteria for each step are shown at the bottom.
    You can only get stars if you assemble a team capable of meeting the requirements.

Players Conditions

  • The next item to look at is the players’ health. Condition is shown by an arrow next to a player. The likelihood of attacking and defending rises or decreases depending on the direction of the arrow. Athletes that have the arrow condition should be replaced.
  • It may seem confusing at first, but you may use the automated organization to automatically assemble the optimal squad based on the mission/combat power/condition.
  • Fewer than 50% HP equals a 20% loss in stats.
    Fewer than 10% HP equals a 90% reduction in stats.

Skill Compatibility

  • Skills have an affinity connection that differentiates between advantageous and disadvantageous talents.

That’s all we got for our Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream – tier list & best units post for the time being!! As previously said, it is still early in the game, and the meta is continuously growing. We will return and update this topic in the future, so keep checking back to this page!

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