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Tower of God: The Great Journey Tier List

Tower of God: The Great Journey Tier List
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You have just recently begun playing Tower of God: The Great Journey, and you are unsure which characters are worth playing as? Don’t worry, we got you! On this page, we’ve rated all of the characters in the game from S to D, with S being the greatest and D being the worst, and we bring to you our complete Tower of God: The Great Journey tier list! Continue reading down below!

About Tower of God: The Great Journey

Tower of God: Great Adventure is a gacha RPG based on the renowned ‘Tower of God’ Webtoon. When you begin your quest, your primary characters will be Bam or Viole. You may create your own squad of characters from the original webtoons. Gather distinct characters, each with their own backstory, ignition weapons, and action abilities. You may earn prizes to improve your heroes’ stats, gear, and skills by completing missions, participating in events and much more. 

The game is available for Android and iOS devices.

About Tower of God: The Great Journey Tier List

The Tier list that we have compiled serves as a list of all of the characters in the game, graded from greatest to worst. In this scenario, S is the most desirable character, while D is the least desirable, and A, B, and C are there to bridge the gap. The objective of the tier list is to help your decision-making process over which character to use at each and every level of the game.

For instance, there are certain characters who are really good when the game first starts, but they tend to lose their effectiveness as the game progresses. Some might also excel in a particular game mode compared to others. All these factors have been taken into consideration while compiling the list below.

Tower of God: The Great Journey Tier List – S Rank Characters

The characters of this tier are the best of what the game has to offer in terms of quality. Unlocking them and boosting their potency should be of the utmost importance. If you focus your attention on enhancing the capabilities of these units, even just one of them can carry you through the whole of the game, and having a powerful party will make the vast majority of the stuff in the final game easy to complete.

  • Albelda
  • Evan Edrock
  • Ha Jin Sung
  • Twenty-Fifth Baam
  • Whiite Heavenly Mirror Khun

Tower of God: The Great Journey Tier List – A Rank Characters

Heroes of the A tier are a fantastic choice to fill in the gaps if you are unable to get any of the S tier heroes. These characters have the potential to be great in their own right, but in comparison to S-ranked heroes, they have certain weaknesses.

  • Daniel Hatchid
  • Sachi Faker
  • Verdi
  • Yihwa Yeon

Tower of God: The Great Journey Tier List – B Rank Characters

When you are first starting out in the game, it is quite probable that your party will consist of a single S-tier character and many B-tier characters to fill up the rest of the slots. These characters are quite simple to acquire, and they have the potential to be useful in the early game. Don’t be embarrassed to utilize them; you’ll eventually want to upgrade to A and S tier items, but for now, make good use of what you have!

  • Green April Anaak
  • Jyu Viole Grace
  • Khun Ran
  • Reflejo
  • Yuri Ha

Tower of God: The Great Journey Tier List – C Rank Characters

Here is when things start to “get ugly,” and by “ugly,” we mean that most of these characters are undesirable. Having said that, heroes of this specific tier have the potential to be used for specialized objectives. A certain game mode, for instance, may be particularly suited to their strengths and interests. Examine their abilities and think about how you can best put them to use, while acknowledging the fact that you will almost certainly be replacing them with more capable heroes.

  • Beta
  • Cassano
  • Hunter Rak
  • HwaRyun
  • Xiaxia

Tower of God: The Great Journey Tier List – D Rank Characters

Characters of this tier are pretty much never worth using. They are the worst characters in the game and you shouldn’t be bothered with them as you are not going to use them in any game mode (if possible). Future updates might always change these rankings.

  • Urek Mazino

That concludes our Tower of God: The Great Journey tier list post. Keep in mind that future game updates may rebalance the characters, requiring us to adjust our power rankings appropriately. To keep up to date, return to this page in the future!

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Tower of God: The Great Journey Tier List


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