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Best Team Builds in Avatar Generations

Best Team Builds in Avatar Generations
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On this page, you can find the best team builds in Avatar Generations. Collect your favorite heroes from the series universe, and put together various teams to take on different challenges in the game. Keep reading to find out everything that you need to know!

About Avatar Generations

Based on Nickelodeon’s iconic series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, join Aang and Team Avatar and journey across the Four Nations to fulfill Avatar’s destiny. Collect new allies to create your own team of favorite characters – from Katara, Suki, Gyatso to Yue, they’re all there. New heroes added regularly, including additional Avatars from across generations.

Team Formation

Team building in Avatar Generations is pretty straight forward (at least for now). It’s a standard front to back formation which means, we have a defensive unit in the top of the formation, damage/utility characters in the middle, and a healer in the back. Of course, this is a rule of thumb that applies in most cases but depending on the content you are tackling you might need to adjust your team a little bit.

Even though as of now, there aren’t that many characters in the game, you will have to have more than one team to challenge the various Nodes and game modes. The position of your heroes in battle matters as they gain bonuses based on their slot position.

Each Hero can be equipped with 3 different types of equipment.

  • Arts grant bonus stats and unique effects when matching pieces of the final set.
  • Support increases the base stats of a hero, or entire teams when placed in the Support slot.
  • Relics give heroes unique passive effects in battle.

There are 5 types of heroes:

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Chaos
  • Mind
  • Peace

With that being said, let’s break down the available slots for our heroes.

Frontline Slot

  • Bonus: Reduce Damage Taken by 15%

A hero placed in this slot is meant to take high amounts of damage. As our first line of defense, we are going to need a Defensive hero with high amounts of HP or DEF. Usually, we place a Defensive hero up in front (tank) paired with a Healer in the back to keep him alive while our other units dealing damage.

Recommended Units:

  • Iroh
  • Katara

Backline Slot

  • Bonus: Take 50% reduced damage from attacks that hit all enemies and cannot be targeted while there is an ally in the frontline.

Just by reading the bonus this slot offers, we can already see the synergy between the Frontline and the Backline slot. As long as there’s an ally in the frontline, the hero in the backline will take reduced damage from area of effect (AoE) skills and cannot be targeted. Placing a healer in this slot sounds like a no brainer. The healer will keep the frontline hero alive and thus, it will benefit from the slot bonus.

With that said, you can also place a damage-oriented hero in this slot, and a healer in the right slot. By doing this you will lose some damage output overall, but your main DPS hero will remain alive for longer and that’s the most important in some stages of the game. Depending on the stage, if you need to have 2 DPS options on your team, this slot is a good option.

Recommended Units:

  • Zuko (Fire Nation)

Right Slot

  • Bonus: Reduced Cooldown of Advanced Skills by 1 term.

You already know what “DPS” is. This term actually stands for “Damage Per Second”. Less cooldown on a skill, means more casts over time, which means more damage. That makes the Right Slot ideal for a damage-oriented character. As mentioned above, in some cases you can put a support (Healer/Buff/Debuff) character here and move your DPS unit in the backline.

Recommended Units:

  • Zuko (Fire Nation)
  • Aang (Avatar State)

Left Slot

  • Bonus: Heal for 10% of Max HP each turn.

Placing a character here will heal them for a percentage of their HP over time. Granted, 10% HP might not sound like a lot, but combined with the healing that our backline can provide will help keep the hero in this slot alive. A support unit would fit nicely here. Of course, depending on your team formation you might want to fit in an offensive minded character.

Recommended Units:

  • Toph
  • Sokka

For now, that is all we have for our post on the top teams from Avatar: Generations. There’s a significant possibility we’ll update this article in the future since the game is still in its early stages and new content is constantly being added.

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Best Team Builds in Avatar Generations


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