One of the hottest iOS releases of the previous week is Gunner Z, a very high quality zombie shooting game that gives you the vehicles, the weapons and asks you to bring the skill to destroy waves of zombies. I am here to share with you a set of Gunner Z cheats: tips and tricks that will help you develop the best in-game strategy for the best results. It can’t get any better than this, so let’s get it started!

1. Watch video for BX (premium currency)
Go to the shop and tap the BX tab. There is the option to watch a video for 3 free BX, which you should do as often as possible. Alternately, if you are short on zMoney (the regular in-game currency), you can watch videos for those. But have in mind that no matter what type of free currency you opt for, you only get a few videos every now and then.


2. Get 3rd vehicle free
You have the option to get a third vehicle for free if you need one: simply tweet about the game or post on your Facebook wall (from the game, at the third vehicle) and you will get your third vehicle for free.

3. Focus on improving your vehicles one at a time
If you have the money, of course, it’s a perfect idea to upgrade all your vehicles, but the upgrades will get more and more expensive, and you should get a main vehicle that gets your primary focus and top vehicle.

4. What upgrades to purchase
There are three main areas that you can work on for each vehicle that you own: Vehicle, Primary Weapon and Secondary weapon. Upgrading any area for one vehicle does not automatically upgrade it for the other. So let’s talk more about each of the upgrade areas and what you should focus on (I would suggest, as main areas, to go for Vehicle and Primary weapon first, then Secondary Weapon).

Vehicle Upgrades
These are pretty simple and they all improve the overall health of your armored truck. Go for Front Armor and Suspension first – even though Suspension seems useless as it improves fire stability while moving, it also increases the health bar of your vehicle. So quickly get front armor to 2 upgrades, Suspension to One, then Body armor to 1. Then continue using the same numbers.

Primary Weapon Upgrades
These are a bit more difficult. My suggestion would be to slightly improve the .50 cal while focusing on saving enough to unlock the M144 minigun. Until you get there, though, get the Clip Size and Damage upgrades first to 2 levels, then focus on Accuracy and ignore fire rate for the moment.

Secondary Weapon Upgrades
I would suggest sticking with the rocket for a while and upgrades are not really necessary until you complete the primary and vehicle upgrades. Once you do, you will want to increase the damage first and then the Damage radius to have great blasts. After that, it might be a good idea to unlock the AGP-Hellflare and equip it as it is a pretty decent weapon

5. How to aim better
It is actually pretty easy to aim in the game, even though at first you might think otherwise. Simply wait for the vehicle to stop in order to take your aim, and then shot in bursts, not continuously. If you shoot continuously, your aim will move and you will waste ammo. Short bursts, on the other way, are better.

Also, you should aim high for the heads of the zombies in order to get instakills, and also aim at the front row. This way, if you miss, you have greater chances to hit the zombies behind. Also, increasing the elevation level a bit also helps with the overall destruction of the enemies.

6. Replay missions
You might get to a point where the enemies might seem too many or too strong for your vehicle to handle. The only thing you can do now is to replay previous missions in order to get enough funds to upgrade your vehicles. Learn where the zombies are and try to kill them all (not only the waves, but those roaming the streets) for added bonuses!

These Gunner Z tips and tricks will hopefully help ease your way through the infected city. If you have other tips and tricks that you use, let us know by commenting below.



  1. Thanks! Awesome guide for Gunner Z. I suggest ya’ll to download Gunner Z because it’s the best game ever, you will get addicted to it and you will play nonstop. I’ve heard people say that it has multiplayer.


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