Guide to Reinhard’s Romance Events in Rune Factory 5


Rune Factory 5 is an incredibly beautiful fantasy RPG for Nintendo Switch. Players find themselves in the wonderful town of Rigbarth, where they can meet many different characters. They will give you missions, and you can even start dating some of them. And in this guide, we will tell you about Reinhard’s Romance Events.

Guide to Reinhard’s Romance Events

Reinhard is a knight that you will be able to meet sometime after the start of the game, after defeating Cerberus. You can find him and Beatrice in Belpha Ruins. And although he looks like a very serious royal knight, he is actually very sweet.

To start a romantic relationship with him, you will need to come to Belpha Ruins to talk to him and give gifts. He is very fond of Cold Medicine, Strawberry Seeds, and Jam Roll. But he doesn’t like Jewels and Crystals. There are three romance events with Reinhard in total.

For the first event, you will need to complete Kelve Lava Caves. After 8 am, you can find Reinhard at Misasagi’s store. After a short cutscene, you should wait until the next day and head to Belpha Ruins around 8 am. Then, after talking to him, you should rest and return to Reinhard to talk again. And on the last day, you have to go to Lackadaisy in the afternoon to finish the first romance event.

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Then, in a couple of days, the second event will appear in Belpha Ruins. It’s much easier as you just need to talk to Reinhard and get to know him better. And for the third event, you will need to find Reinhard on the beach around 8:00 am. You have to chat with him and then wait until the next day to go to Lake Melody. On the last day, you will need to visit three locations:

  • Crystalabra
  • Great Tree Plaza
  • Belpha Ruins

After you interact with Reinhard in each location, you will complete his final romance event.

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Guide to Reinhard’s Romance Events in Rune Factory 5


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