Bronze Location in Rune Factory 5

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Bronze (as well as Silver and Gold) are ore materials in Rune Factory 5 that you can use to craft items. Bronze is obtained by mining, and for mining, you need a Hammer. Hammers also possess different rarities, and if you have a better rarity hammer, you can get more of the ore, like Bronze, when you are mining.

Bronze can be used to make better farming tools than the ones you get for free. These include things like the Beginner’s Pole, Sturdy Hoe, and Tin Waterpot. All of these items can be charged by holding B, unleashing their effect on an entire square of farm land.

Where to Mine Bronze in Rune Factory 5

Bronze can be mined from common sources, like rocks with brown gems stuck to them, or rare sources, like rocks with charcoal-like material stuck to them. Bronze can most commonly be found in the Kelva Lava Caves, which are located to the northwest of Rigbarth.

You’ll need to get ahead in the story if you want to access this location. Scarlett will return from SSED HQ, which is when she will challenge you to find out the cause of the unstable ruins in the area, which is when you gain access to the Kelva Lava Caves.

Below is a list of locations that you can access to quickly farm Bronze, with an additional chance of mining Iron. These locations are accessible through fast travel as well:

  • Kelve Lava Cave First Floor
  • Kelve Lava Cave Second Floor
  • Atohl’s End First Floor
  • Bandit King’s Old Base First Floor
  • Bandit King’s Old Base Second Floor
  • Cloudheim First Floor

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Bronze Location in Rune Factory 5


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