Guide to Level Up Characters in AFK Arena Correctly

AFK Arena Cursed Realm Guide

Leveling the hero is necessary for the fastest increase in the performance of your squad. However, this process has its own nuances. Read about how to maximize the efficiency of investing your resources and what heroes to upgrade in this AFK Arena guide.

AFK Arena Character Leveling Guide

A character’s level is a reflection of his strength. Together with the increase in the level, the indicators of health, attack, defense, as well as the strength of ultimatum abilities and their number grow.

The maximum level of a character depends on its rarity. Each class of heroes has its own limit:

  • Ascended class – 240 level.
  • Legendary class – 160 level.
  • Normal (green) class – 100 level.

It is not worth leveling ordinary heroes since it is a waste of resources.

How to Get Experience in AFK Arena

AFK chest is the main source of experience for leveling up heroes. The maximum reward in the chest is accumulated over 12 hours. We recommend that you log into the game every 12 hours so as not to lose potential benefits and to prevent the chest from overflowing.

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You can also use the Hourglass, which adds experience to the player, which you can collect in 2 or 8 hours of filling an AFK chest. The hourglass can be obtained for defeating a boss, completing daily or weekly tasks, or it can be purchased in the store.

In addition, you gain experience by completing chapters and stages of the main campaign, as well as winning battles in the King’s Tower, in the Arena of Heroes, and in the Mystic Labyrinth.

Hero’s Essence

Hero’s Essence is a resource that is used only during leveling of certain levels of the character, on which special abilities are opened or existing ones are improved. Ultimate abilities unlock at 11, 21, 41, 61, 81, 101, 121, 141, 161, 181, 201, 221 levels.

For the maximum upgrade of one character, you will need 118,100 units of the Hero’s Essence.

It should be remembered that a new level of ability strengthens your character much more than an increase in the level. We recommend leveling your characters to a new level of ability, and only then move on to improving another hero.

When you decide on the five main characters, try to choose three favorites and invest most of your resources in them. As a rule, the most effective and upgraded characters are the front-line tanks and the main damage dealers.

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Guide to Level Up Characters in AFK Arena Correctly


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