Guide: How to Beat Death Stars Citadel in Jungle Heat


Now that we’ve learned how to win Pantheon in Jungle Heat, it’s time to move forward and see how to beat the Death Stars Citadel in Jungle Heat in this guide. Why this particular mission? Well, because I consider it the easiest to win from the set of three that follows (Hard Nut Citadel, Death Stars Citadel and Power Phases Citadel). And since you only need to beat one to go to Devilfish Base and eventually to unlock the Huntress hero, this is the one that we’re going to talk about in this game.

Just as it happened with the Pantheon, you won’t be completely interested in getting the full three star rating at first, so here is how to do to just scrape the win in Death Stars Citadel:

I attacked with 20 Gunners, 8 Pyro, 15 Bombs and 53 Riflemen (level 6). Any riflemen or Pyro you might get from your clan mates are a bonus. First place 8 or so gunners in front of the Flame Towers (either on the bottom or top) then quickly launch all the bombs so that they go through all three sets of walls protecting the base. Launch the rest of the Gunners, the Pyros and then all the Riflemen and you will get a minimum of 1 star – just enough to get past the base.

But if you want to go completely PRO and beat the Death Stars Citadel, you might want to use a slightly different strategy. I haven’t tried it yet, but I believe that the easiest way is to use a Gunners / Pyro combination to take out the Jerichos to the corners, then launch a huge attack of Hornets or, even better, Choppers. Good luck beating the Death Stars Citadel in Jungle Heat! And as always, if you have a different strategy that works, share it with us below.

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Guide: How to Beat Death Stars Citadel in Jungle Heat


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