Guide For Farm Tool Recipes in Rune Factory 5

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Farming and fishing are large parts of Rune Factory 5 and to do these jobs successfully, players will need some good tools. You are given rudimentary tools to start off with, but soon you will find the need for an upgrade. Crafting items requires the player to increase their skill level and learn the recipe for the item they need. Tools can be created on the Forge, which is purchased from Palmo or Ryker. Check out the crafting recipes for all the farming tools below.

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Farming Tools Crafting Recipes

Cheap Hoe5Minerals
Sturdy Hoe15Bronze
Seasoned Hoe30Silver
Shiny Hoe45Gold
Blessed Hoe80Platinum
Cheap Waterpot5Minerals, Cloths and Skins
Tin Waterpot15Bronze, Cloths and Skins
Lion Waterpot30Silver, Cloths and Skins
Rainbow Waterpot45Gold, Cloths and Skins
Joy Waterpot80Platinum, Cloths and Skins
Cheap Sickle5Minerals, Shards
Lion Sickle15Bronze, Shards
Quality Sickle30Silver, Shards
Super Sickle45Gold, Shards
Legendary Sickle80Platinum, Shards
Cheap Axe5Stones, Sticks and Stems
Chopping Axe15Bronze, Stones, Sticks and Stems
Lumber Axe30Silver, Stones, Sticks and Stems
Mountain Axe45Gold, Stones, Sticks and Stems
Miracle Axe80Platinum, Sticks and Stems
Cheap Hammer5Sticks and Stems, Strings
Bronze Hammer15Bronze, Sticks and Stems, Strings
Silver Hammer30Silver, Sticks and Stems, Strings
Golden Hammer45Gold, Sticks and Stems, Strings
Platinum Hammer80Platinum, Sticks and Stems
Cheap Pole5Sticks and Stems, Strings
Beginner’s Pole15Bronze, Sticks and Stems, Strings
Skilled Pole30Silver, Sticks and Stems, Strings
Famous Pole45Gold, Sticks and Stems, Strings
Sacred Pole80Platinum, Sticks and Stems, Strings

Those are all the farming tools available in Rune Factory 5! Happy farming.

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Guide For Farm Tool Recipes in Rune Factory 5


  1. The hammers are wrong you don’t need strings it makes a fishing rod instead…it frustrated me until I looked at a different site.All you need for hammer is whatever metal your trying to upgrade and something from the sticks and stems catagory.


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