Guide for Armor Recipes in Rune Factory 5


Rune Factory 5 is a very addictive RPG for Nintendo Switch. Players will find themselves in a beautiful fantasy world with various activities. For example, you can participate in farming, fishing, hunting, or crafting. In this guide, we will tell you about Armor Recipes.

Armor Recipes Guide

The game has a very interesting crafting system. Players must receive various recipes and use them to craft items. To do this, you must use certain Recipe Bread. In the case of armor, players must use the Crafting Recipe Bread. A full set of armor consists of 4 pieces that players can craft: 

  • Headgear
  • Chest Pieces
  • Shoes
  • Shield

Here is a list of all the Armor Recipes:

Headgear Recipes

  • Spectacles – 2 Aquamarines.
  • Purple Ribbon – String Type, Cloths and Skin, Purple Grass.
  • Green Ribbon – String Type, Cloths and Skin, Green Grass.
  • Blue Ribbon – String Type, Cloths and Skin, Blue Grass.
  • Black Ribbon – String Type, Cloths and Skin, Black Grass.
  • Silk Hat – Cloths and Skin, Black Grass.
  • Intelligent Glasses – 2 Aquamarines and Magic Crystal.
  • Brand Glasses – 2 Aquamarines and Dark Crystal.
  • Fancy Hat – String Type, Cloths and Skin.
  • Straw Hat – 2 String Types.

Chest Pieces Recipes

  • Mail – Liquids and Bronze.
  • Cotton Cloth – Spider’s Thread and 2 Old Bandages.
  • Vest – Fur Type and Cloths and Skin.
  • Shirt – Cloths and Skin.
  • Sparkling Shirt – Cloths and Skin, Fur Type and Gold.
  • Scale Vest – Root, Pretty Carapace and Silver.
  • Chain Mail – String Type, Silver.
  • Wooly Shirt – String Type, 2 Furballs, and Electro Crystal.
  • Mercenary’s Cloak – Strange Tentacle, Big Bird’s Comb, and Quality Worn Cloth.
  • Lamellar Vest – String Type, Any Scale, and Orichalcum.
  • Platinum Armor – Cloths and Skin, Rusted iron, and 2 Platinum.
  • Protector – Diamond and Shoulder Piece.
  • Wind Cloak – String Type, Cloth and Skin, Emerald, Wind Crystal, and Black Bird Feather.

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Shoes Recipes

  • Heavy Boots – Pretty Carapace, Iron, and Silver.
  • Silver Boots – Shards or Fragments and Silver.
  • Secret Boots – Any Ore and Glue.
  • Cheep-Cheep Sandals – Cloths and Skin and Insect Carapace.
  • Leather Boots – Fur Type.
  • Step-In Boots – String Type, Cloths and Skin, Sharp Fang, and Warrior’s Proof.
  • Strider Boots – Cloths and Skin, Gold, Platinum, Pretty Thread.
  • Bone Boots – Shells or Bones, Big Crystal, and Strong Vine.
  • Gold Boots – Shard or Fragment and 2 Gold.
  • Knight Boots – String Type, Ammonite, Black Scale, and Dragonic Scale.
  • Iron Geta -2 Iron, 2 MTGU Plates, and Dangerous Scissors.
  • Ghost Boots – String Type, Crystal Skull, Crimson Scale, Dragon Scale, and Quality Worn Cloth.
  • Spike Boots – Sharp Fang, MTGU Plate, Golem Spirit Stone.
  • Feather Boots – String Type, Feather Type, Big Crystal, Big Bird’s Comb, and Orichalcum.

Shield Recipes

  • Great Shield – Any Ore, Amethyst, and Iron.
  • Monkey Plush – 2 Cloths and Skins, Yellow Down.
  • Iron Shield – 2 Iron.
  • Cheap Shield – Pretty Carapace, Cheap Cloth, and Iron.
  • Small Shield – Any Ore.
  • Yellow Shield – Gold and Yellow Core.
  • Bone Shield – Shells or Bones and Gold.
  • Chaos Shield – Pretty Carapace and Silver.
  • Turtle Shield – Liquids, Bronze, and Rusted Iron.
  • Round Shield – Bronze.
  • Cursed Shield – Tiny Golem Stone, Pirate’s Armor, and Diamond.
  • Platinum Shield – Rusted Iron and 2 Platinum.
  • Heavy Shield – Shoulder Piece and Diamond.
  • Magic Shield – Crystal Type, Mysterious Powder, Silver, and Gold.

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Guide for Armor Recipes in Rune Factory 5


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