Rune Factory 5 Directives Guide and Tips


You can play as a man or a woman in Rune Factory 5 who lost their memories after protecting a little girl from monsters. You wake up with no memories in the small town of Rigbarth, having accomplished a heroic deed and encouraged to become a SEED ranger. Your key job as a SEED Ranger is to protect the city and solve any problems that may arise for its inhabitants. Fulfilling your calling, you will soon find yourself in the epicenter of mystery, where more and more people lose their memory, and the energy supply of earth runes is depleted.

Rune Factory 5 Directives Guide and Tips

What is the advantage of participating in SEED? It is that you can give yourself different upgrades that are exactly the same as the Orders from Rune Factory 4. Such Directives allow you to, for example, obtain licenses to create new items, attend festivals where you can take part in competitions with city ​​dwellers or spend valuable time with your sweetheart, or you can expand your bag storage.

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In order to become a SEED ranger and enact a Directive, you need to talk to the SEED mascot, Eliza, who sits on a table in the SEED Rigbarth building. Directives are not free—they cost SEED points, which can be obtained by completing the quests of the townspeople. For example, defeat and capture Wanted Monsters, ship the items. As a reward, you will receive from 50 to 10,000 rupees.

You can always cancel them in the game, but only for festivals. It is also not free to do so (1000 points), so it is better to leave it and adopt another Directive a little later.

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Rune Factory 5 Directives Guide and Tips


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