GTA 3 Silence the Sneak Mission Guide

GTA 3 Silence the Sneak Mission Guide

GTA 3 is a part of the great GTA series where you are able to join the criminal world of Liberty City. There are lots of dirty tasks you will need to complete and today we are going to talk about such a quest. Silence the Sneak mission is a small task that the corrupt police officer named Ray Machowski will give to you. The man doesn’t like that his former partner named Leon McAffrey is playing against him now. Ray asks you to eliminate his partner. This guide will tell you how to complete this mission easily.

How to Complete Silence the Sneak Mission in GTA 3

Silence the Sneak mission in GTA 3 is an assassination task where you have to eliminate a certain person. This quest will ask you to lure the man named Leon McAffrey from his hideout and kill him. It is not a simple task as you have to throw a grenade to his window. This will set his hideout at the fire and make the victim try to escape from the garage. There you will be able to chase him and kill him.

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The task itself sounds simple but there is a little hint on how to not let the target escape. When you reach the location of the hideout, you will be able to see the garage that McAffrey will try to escape from. Also, you will be able to see the opened window above the garage. The hint is that you need to bring a car and block the garage with it. Then you can throw a grenade into the window and wait till the moment when Leon will try to escape. After that, you just need to throw all of your grenades to the garage and kill the target with the car explosion. That should be enough to eliminate Leon McAffrey successfully.

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GTA 3 Silence the Sneak Mission Guide


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