Where to Find 8-Ball Autos in GTA 3: GTA 3 8-Ball Location


There are lots of really cool missions in GTA 3 that require you to blow stuff up or set people ablaze with a flamethrower. However, before you can actually do any of this stuff, you’d have to pay several visits to the game’s explosive genius – 8-Ball.


At the start of the game after the jailbreak, 8-Ball is the dude you get in the car with who asks you to drive because his “hands are all messed up”.

So in this article we’ll be guiding you on where to find his garage in all Islands in Liberty City for whenever you need to rig a car with bomb or pick up some grenades for yourself.

Location 1 – Harwood, Portland Island


There are three different islands in GTA 3 with each of them offering an extensive number of missions for players to complete. And out of these three islands, the first place you’ll find 8-Ball’s garage is in Portland Island.


Portland Island is where GTA Liberty City starts off and it’s the first town that will assign you with missions that involve seeking help from 8-Ball by picking a grenade or something. In this case you’ll pay a visit to his garage a couple times in Portland Island.


Incase you’d forgotten the location of 8-Ball Autos and you want to get there, you can do so by going to Harwood in Portland Island close to the car wreck location. The garage is placed between Harwood and Saint Mark’s which means if you’re at either street, then 8-Ball Autos isn’t far off.

Once you arrive, you’ll see the large 8-Ball sign above you and you know you’ve arrived at 8-Ball Autos. Also, by looking at the Map above, we’ve marked the spot with a green X to show you exactly where to find it in Portland Island.

Location 2 – Staunton Island

You can find 8-Ball Autos in Staunton Island where you’ll be required to meet up with him on one or two occasions. Like the 8-Ball Autos in Portland Island, this one also provides you with certain weapons but mostly explosives. You can find it in Newport, Staunton Island.

Location 3 – Shoreside Vale

This is the last place you’ll encounter 8-Ball Autos and you don’t necessarily need his help on this island. However, you can still decide to visit his garage and pickup any necessary item you think you’ll need. 8-Ball Autos is located at Pike Creek, in Shoreside Vale.


That’s it on our brief guide on how and where to find 8-Ball Autos in GTA 3 from whichever island you might be at any point. If you can’t locate any of them, always keep an eye on the game’s map as it’ll show the 8-Ball location on all Islands.

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Where to Find 8-Ball Autos in GTA 3: GTA 3 8-Ball Location


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