Golfer in Terraria Mobile | Where to Find and Why Needed

terraria golfer guide where to find

The Golfer in Terarria is a new friendly NPC added in version He specializes in golf and sells all golf accessories. In addition, he knows how to protect himself using golf balls. In this guide, you will learn all the necessary information about Golfer NPC in Terraria.

How to Find a Golfer in Terraria

The golfer can be found in an underground sand biome where he plays golf alone. The sandy biome itself occupies a small area in the world, and it will take a little time to explore the underground layer. You can make it easier for yourself with the help of a hunting potion, which will increase the chance of an NPC spawning.

Golfer’s House in Terraria

The golfer likes the forest biome, so the best solution would be to settle him there. Next to it, you can populate a painter, fisherman, and zoologist, which will significantly increase the level of happiness and lower the cost for all the items he is selling.

A simple and bright room with decorations will be the best home for a golfer.

What Does Golfer Sell?

How to Golf in Terraria - Gamer Journalist

All golf items can be purchased from a golfer, including golf clubs and different trophies. The price varies on the level of happiness, the availability of a discount, and other conditions.

The assortment includes golf clubs for different distances, balls, flags, paintings, kits, trophies, as well as premium versions of all accessories.

Products appear gradually. There are those that are always available, but most of the items will appear on sale after reaching a certain number of points. So, after reaching 2000 points, you can buy a gold trophy.

This is everything you should know about a Golfer in Terraria, how to find him and what he sells. While you are here, read our guide on every Grappling Hook in this game.

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Golfer in Terraria Mobile | Where to Find and Why Needed


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