Godzilla Battle Line offers two rank systems, namely Player Rank and Arena Rank, that defines the overall game progression. The Arena Rank depends on the trophies you earn from ranked matches. Meanwhile, the player rank depends on your battle pieces and their progression. In this guide, we will talk about how to increase player rank in Godzilla Battle Line.

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How to Increase Player Rank in Godzilla Battle Line

Godzilla Battle Line players can earn player rank only in a handful of ways. Before we talk about them, let us talk about player rank points.

What are Player Rank Points?

Player rank points are the basis on which player rank is decided. To level up player rank, players need a certain number of player rank points. And once that number is achieved, they rank up.

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To check how many player rank points are needed for the next player rank or to check the total rank points in general, tap on the rank bar[blue in colour] located at the top left corner of the game screen.

How to earn Player Rank Points in Godzilla Battle Line

In Godzilla Battle Line, players can earn player rank points by –

  • Upgrading a battle piece.
  • Achieving max level on any battle piece [Upgrading them to max level].
  • By acquiring new battle pieces.

That’s all, with the help of the aforementioned actions, players can get player rank points which will eventually increase their player rank.

If you don’t know how to get new battle pieces in Godzilla Battle Line, then check out our previous article that explains the two different ways in which you can get new battle pieces in the game.

Godzilla Battle Line is currently available on Android and iOS platforms as early access. Meanwhile, the game’s full release will take place on June 15, 2021, assuming there are no blockers or delays.

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