Godzilla Battle Line offers a plenitude of monsters that players can unlock in the game by fulfilling certain pre-requisites. With new monsters, players can create new battle formations and with new and good battle formations, players can win matches, normal or ranked. This brings us to our today’s topic. Minilla is a monster that players can add to their monster roster in the early game. He can fit into different formations, allowing players to have more options while doing battle.

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With that being said, in this Godzilla Battle Line guide, we will talk about how players can unlock the monster Minilla.

How to Unlock Minilla in Godzilla Battle Line

Minilla is one of the many unlockable monsters in the Godzilla Battle Line that players can unlock by playing ranked matches. To unlock Minilla, players have to reach Arena Rank 8 aka Silver Rank.

Screengrab Via Godzilla Battle Line

Once players reach Arena Rank level 8, Minilla, aka Son of Godzilla, is available as one of the unlocked battle pieces. Now, players can perform pulls or check the in-game shop to get Minilla.

That’s it, that is how you unlock Minilla in Godzilla Battle Line.

How to increase Arena Rank in Godzilla Battle Line?

To increase Arena Rank in Godzilla Battle Line, players have to play and win ranked matches. To level up fast, players have to continuously grind and win ranked matches whilst upgrading their monsters. For now, that is the only way to level up your Arena Rank.

If you are interested in knowing the basic details about the game then check the below paragraphs.

For players who don’t know, Godzilla Battle Line is a strategy game that puts the popular monsters and weapons from the famous and critically acclaimed Godzilla series for battle.

The game offers a plethora of monsters that players can unlock by fulfilling certain criteria or from shops. It features a wide selection of battle stages for short three-minute PVP battles, ranked matches to check your mettle against some of the best players, and much more.

Godzilla Battle Line is currently available on Android and iOS platforms as early access. Meanwhile, the game’s full release will take place on June 15, 2021, assuming there are no blockers or delays.

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