Godzilla Battle Line

Godzilla Battle Line mainly features two ways to unlock new Monsters in the game – Shop and Expedition maps. Since not everyone can shell off their pockets, Expedition Map is a great source to unlock new monsters for free.

However, it’s crucial to note that the shop is a worthy option to get some specific battle pieces. But, players can get a majority of battle pieces through Expedition maps. So the more Expedition maps you collect, the rapidly you unlock new monsters.

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Taking this into account, here are some ways to get Expedition maps in the game.

How to get Expedition Maps in Godzilla Battle Line

Godzilla Pass

Godzilla Battle Line Pass
Godzilla Pass

Godzilla Battle Line has its own pass system through which players can earn free rewards. While progressing through Godzilla Pass, players can get Expedition maps as a reward at different levels. The pass comes in a Premium version as well which costs around $4.99 and offers some additional perks.

Completing Missions

Godzilla Battle Line Missions
Missions Tab

Godzilla Battle Line has a variety of ways of recording achievements. For that, the game developers keep adding new daily missions, challenges to reward players with complimentary items. So make sure to check the Missions tab once in a while and complete those who are giving Expedition maps as a reward.

Seasonal Rewards

Season Rewards

Seasonal Rewards are awarded according to the Arena Rank at the end of the season. Thus compete in Arena battles in order to reach a higher level and acquire items like G Coins, Gems, Expedition maps, and more.

Ranked Battle

Ranked Battle Rewards

Finally, you can earn Expedition maps by winning Ranked Battles as well. However, these are different from the others as they can’t be used immediately. Depending on the rarity of the map, it’ll take longer for them to complete.

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