An ultimate guide to increase Arena rank in Godzilla Battle Line
Godzilla Battle Line

Monsters are possibly one of the most important assets of Godzilla Battle Line. Obviously, they are not for cosmetic meanings; Monsters aKa Battle Pieces play a vital role in influencing the gameplay as they possess unique skills and statistics.

With the magnitude of monsters available in the Godzilla Battle Line, choosing the relevant Leader before heading over to the battle is a crucial task.

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Since many players are new to this game, most of them are baffled about swapping the leader when they don’t find success in their past matches.

How to Swap Leaders in Godzilla Battle Line

Swapping Leaders in Godzilla Battle Line is a pretty simple task. All you need to do is open your “deck” tab at the bottom.

Swapping Leaders in Godzilla Battle Line
Deck Tab

Next, select the Monster or Battle Piece from the list you want to make the leader. Finally, hit the option labeled “Swap” in the yellow color, and you’re done.

Swapping Leaders in Godzilla Battle Line
Swap Option

After following the above steps, the selected Monster card will be marked as Leader followed by a crown symbol.

As per the game rules, victory is yours if your monsters defeat the other player’s leader monster. In the same way, your opponent can also win the battle.

So now you may have realized how crucial it is to select the adequate leader in the Godzilla Battle Line.

Reconsider your decision and let the battle begin.

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