Diamonds are extremely important in Godus because they are used to speed up constructions, get Stickers packs and let you place the Gifts for God on your land. The Godus Diamonds are also pretty difficult to get for free… well, not unless you are a Touch Tap Play reader and find out our perfect method for getting diamonds for free and easily (and also make happiness a problem of the past).

So here is what to do in order to boost your production of Diamonds:

First of all, you have to completely destroy the Astari. This is easier than it might sound at first: you just need to keep expanding your population until you unlock the Swamp card in your God Powers. That costs 4,000 belief (so you will need a lot of that too!) but you can place Swamps on the Astari settlement and simply wipe them out from the face of earth. Just look what paths they use the most during their festivals and place a couple of swamps there.

For an idea of swamp placement, check out the photo below (source):

Now that the Astari are gone, you can work your way easily to getting free Diamonds. Simply send as many Followers as you can into the Temple of Doom. Since there are no Astari to worry about, you don’t have to worry about happiness either, and instead you can produce Diamonds without the risk of losing people. You can get hundreds of free Diamonds this way and boost up your civilization to maximum heights! Just make sure to send your people from the smaller huts into the Temple of Doom, because they need the least time to repopulate

If you found this method useful (and I do believe it is), don’t forget to share it with your friends, so everybody can take advantage of it while it works! You can also check out our basic Godus tips and tricks for improving your game!


  1. temple of doom is in the pc version.. the mobile version has the mobile temple.. which is not the same thing at all. we will have to wait for an update maybe.. probably won’t happen though ;\

  2. SO just kill the Astari? thats your solution? is anyone else here having an ethical dilemma about wiping out an entire race of people for the sake of gaining a bunch if diamonds? in our history we call it genicide lol. i understand that they are annoying but they are just primitive. now I’m not happy about the fact that they are worshipping some other weird looking god mind you but a ton of them have chosen to join my settlements and worship me instead so they aren’t a lost cause. if it’s a race thing and you’re just totally predjudice about them because they’re not from our land well you dont really have to deal with them because once they convert they like to build their own places themselves keeping completely separate from the rest of the native landers. I really see no conflict between my people and the Astari converts, they even join in worship together when sacred Forrest’s are planted! so I say how dare propose genocide as a means to further your advancement of the game. good gods are wise and patient not scourneful Smiters of innocent indigenous peoples. have some dignity and build a peaceful world.

    • You are right! the Astari people are really cute, even they wear creepy clothes and dress up like some kind of wild man. I cannot destory their hometown and kill a entire race to just get tons of diamond. Its so cruel! I would rather to spend my own money! A good god should try best to be a best example for followers!

    • I totally agree. So far, I have been able to have the Astari build their own abodes and they seem happy. Keeping my followers happy is not a problem as I have two fountains and two trees of joy. I had a really hard time understanding the need to kill off a race and am so happy to see your comments, combaticus!

  3. So I tried this and it DID NOT WORK at all (On iPhone) and I just kinda got mad and used the meteor…yeah…that worked out fiiiine


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