Godus, the latest game coming from the brilliant mind of Peter Molyneux, has just been released on the App Store and it’s taking, as expected, the world by storm. We are here to share with you a bunch of Godus cheats: actually, tips and tricks that will create the ultimate strategy guide for the game, one that you can visit over and over again for updated information.

So if you want to know everything about the game and how to play it to get the most out of it, check out our Godus tips and tricks below and share them with your friends!


[UPDATE:] After you read these basic tips and tricks, check out our advanced article with the top 10 Godus tips and cheats!

1. Plan ahead
The world in Godus is indeed huge, but a bit of early planning will take you a long way. Requirements will usually revolve around you getting a specific number of people inhabiting your lands, so make sure that you shape the land in such a way that you have as many spots available for building shelter as possible. Look around, plan wisely and build them as compact as possible: you will need all the land used at its maximum!

2. Only nearby workers can be activated
If you have a hut in the southern part of your civilization, you can’t have them work in the extreme north. Proximity matters a lot in Godus and only the closest, connected people will work on new stuff. You will eventually unlock a way to directly control the Followers, and that will make things a bit easier, but generally, having buildings around everything will make things a lot easier.

3. Don’t waste the Belief
Belief is what the more advanced huts produce, and its actually the in-game currency that allows you to sculpt the land to your pleasing. Try to have tip #1 in mind and only sculpt land that you will immediately use. It won’t be too soon that you will have to start working on higher ground and really plan ahead your sculpting. Ideally, you should log in as often as possible in order to collect the Belief and have it regenerated, because the early houses don’t hold much of it.

4. Look for flying butterflies/smiley faces
Every now and then, you will see on your land flying smiley faces (you can say that they are butterflies, too). That marks treasure chests, which hold special items that will allow you to unlock new cards. Keep an eye for these hints and sculpt the land to get access to the hidden chests. This way your progress will be a lot faster.

5. Expand, expand and expand some more
The biggest goal in Godus is to keep expanding your population, as more Followers give you more options and let you unlock a ton of nice things. So always have your builders working on shelter – the more advanced, the better, because it holds more people.

6. Use the Leash properly
Pretty soon, you will be able to Leash your Followers and have them work wherever you need them, in far away, hard to reach areas. Always use this technique to progress faster, but have in mind that Leashing costs you a ton of belief, so only use it if you really need it. Otherwise, just expand in order to get people close enough to where you want to work.

7. How to get more Belief in the game
Collecting from houses is the easiest way to get more belief in Godus, but you can also get some extra by performing godly acts: remove rocks and trees. Also, you can spend Gems to speed things up and get a boost of Belief.

8. Keep unlocking stuff in the game
The Dock is the first major discovery that you will unlock, which allows you to explore other lands too and expand your civilization even more. New cards come with new game features, so keep on playing and unlocking in order to fully experience the game. There’s a lot to find out and a lot to play!

These are for now our Godus cheats and tips for this great game. If you find anything interesting and worth sharing, let us know by commenting below. And don’t forget to check back here, maybe we’ll have something new and interesting to share!



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