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Girls X Battle 2: How to Get All Girls in the Game

Girls X Battle 2: How to Get All Girls in the Game

In today’s article, we will cover everything you need to know about getting all the characters in Girls X Battle 2, and do so as fast as possible! So if you are looking for ways to improve your collection, then keep on reading and you’ll soon know all the methods available in the game for that.

First thing you will need to know is that there are times when you simply cannot progress any further, and since this is an idle game, you will need to… go idle.

That’s one thing that you should know beforehand, because it won’t always be so easy to just get everything at once as you might’ve wished for. But this is part of the charm!

Secondly, you will need to farm. Again, I go back to the AFK farming, because it is super important.

Since you passively earn EXP and Gold, you will need them to first upgrade your girls, and secondly to purchase more goodies. You’ll see what I mean with this further down below, so keep reading.

Now that we’ve made some things clear, let’s show you how to get all girls in Girls X Battle 2!

Also, before you get started, make sure to take a look at our tier list to know exactly what girls you should keep an eye out for!

1. Summon Regular Capsules

These capsules are the easiest ones to acquire and they will let you summon either 1 time (with 1 capsule) or 10 times (with 10 capsules).

They have lower rates for the 5-star girls than the other types of capsules, but nonetheless you should do them as much as you can!

You can get a Free Regular Capsule Summon every day, so make sure you log in and claim yours!

2. Summon Advanced Capsules

They will give you any type of girls, and the 5-star girls’ chance is drastically increased.

They can be acquired for 250 Gems (per 1 summon), but if you want to summon 10 times, you should go for the “Draw 10” which costs 2200 Gems. 

You will get a Free Advanced Capsule Summon every 48 hours, so that’s every 2 days. Make sure you at least log in every 2 days for that because it’s worth it!

3. Add more friends and claim BFF Capsules

These capsules are better than the Regular Capsules, but not as good as the Advanced Capsules.

They cost 10 Hearts per single summon and 100 per 10 summons. They’re free if you have in game friends, so make sure you open these capsules whenever available!

4. Take the Quiz!

There are 3 types of quizzes: Coin Quiz, EXP Quiz and Girls Quiz. We are going to focus on the Girls Quiz now, because we want to get more girls, right? 

Every few hours you will get 2 chances to complete this quiz, so make sure you do that because you get free 3* and 4* girls fragments. 

5. Purchase from the Guild Merchant

Once you have joined a guild, you can check in daily and receive Guild Funds. Spend these funds wisely by purchasing the 5* girls available in the Guild Store. You can choose if you want random 5 star girls fragments or the actual girl. 

The fragments are way cheaper, but they don’t guarantee a certain girl – so for example if you want Wildtress, you are not guaranteed to get her.

Instead, if you want a certain girl, save up Guild Funds and purchase her fragments.

6. Fight AFK in the Campaign Mode

Whenever you close the game, you will leave your girls fighting in a certain stage. I suggest that you select the stages which are multiples of 5, for example 5, 10, 15 and so on.

They usually have much better rewards than the other stages, so if you see a good stage, AFK there.

I prefer to do my AFK fighting in 4-10 until I become more powerful and am able to beat the other stages, and also because here I can get 4-star Monster Girl fragments. 

7. Take part in game events!

At the moment, there is a really good event running, which you can see in the Front Page. T

here, under Exclusives (bottom side of the screen) you will see for how long the event will run.

In this event running right now, you can acquire several 5* OP girls, such as Lucifer, for simply fighting AFK and collecting items.

I suggest that you save them up and purchase them, because they are really worth it. Whenever you see an event running, make sure you take part in it – they will constantly change, but the rewards will always be great.

8. Enroll your girls

On the Front Page, you will see on the right side of the screen a School tab. There, go to Enroll and select the faction that you want to enroll in.

You have a chance to get even 5 star girl shards, so make sure you do this whenever you have the Stamps!

9. Transfer girls and buy more from the Transfer Shop

Also in the School tab, you will see a Transfer option. Once you head on there, you can choose to transfer all the trash 1 star and 2 star girls that you’ve collected thus far. 

By doing that you will earn funds which you can then use to purchase some girls from the Store.

In the Shop (button on the top right corner), you will see quite a lot of girls which are 5* and require 2000 funds to purchase. Save up, and get them!

10. Purchase from the daily market

On the Front Page interface the very first tab (yellow) is the Shop tab. There you will often have the possibility to purchase 5 star girls and / or their shards. There are many more goodies available there, so check it often!

11. Try your luck with the Draw Machine

This is a little bit more tricky, as it relies on a ton of luck. You can check this in the Shop menu, and then pick the Slots tab.

There, you might even get some super strong gear, as well as 5 star girls, but it’s very random! So good luck!

12. Spend real money and get girls

Of course, for those of you who want to spend a couple of bucks, there are several options! Check the Store and get the 5-star shards!

These would be all of the ways that we know of which you can use to get more girls! You know some more? Then make sure you share them with us down in the comments below!

To learn more about the game, check out our game guide – and good luck getting the best and your favorite girls!

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Girls X Battle 2: How to Get All Girls in the Game


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