In today’s article we are going to share with you the best characters in Girls X Battle 2, and help you put together a team that will win against all the opponents and collect lots of goodies! So if you are curious about how to make some really powerful combinations, then stay tuned because we got them for you!

In this game you will have to go AFK from time to time, because it is by default an idle game – not any idle game, but one with a twist! You can also fight actively in several instances, and by doing this you increase your power and earn more valuable goodies! 

We are not going to cover the 1 star girls and 2 star girls, but we are going to cover a few of the 3 star ones which you should keep if you want to upgrade and evolve (Graduate) some of the girls. Don’t worry though, because we will tell you all about them below!

But enough talking – let’s dive right into the Girls X Battle 2 tier list right here below and find out which are the best characters in the game! 

Girls X Battle 2: Tier 1 Characters

These are the very best girlsd, and eventually you will get them. They can start off as 4 or 5 stars, and can be upgraded by quite a lot, so therefore their power will get unlocked pretty fast. Since they have a lot of potential, I consider them to be the Tier 1 girls.

Front Line: Fencer, Wildtress, Ennmaya (can be either Front or Back), Ashely, Sonya, Alice, Masamune, Bud Elf

Back Line: Gambler,, Wu Kong, Sapphire, Giana, Dracula, Iron Fist, Succuba, Saint, Hottie, Blowie, Caitlyn, Javelin, Priestess, Hexa, Nobunaga, KongMing, Beary, Lucifer, Scythe, Amelia, Michael, Gabriel, Angel

Girls X Battle 2: Tier 2 Characters

Under this section I have put the girls that are good, but not as good as the ones under Tier 1. I personally use Zombia for everything and she is one of my favorites, but by no means she is the best. That’s why I have put her under the Tier 2 category along with others.

Front Line: Assassin, Zombia (can be Front or Back), Chevalir, Boxer, Quinie, Muppet, Silvia, Medusa, Chainsaw, Calista

Back Line: Cynthia, Flash, Librarian, Guan Yin, Geisha, Lily, Toyo, Nia, Lightin, Nun, Aquaris, Pandaria, Susan, Amazon, Elvis, Annie, Selene

Girls X Battle 2: Tier 3 Characters

They can be good, but are not my favorites. Werewolf can be pretty strong once upgraded, but in order for that to happen you will need to invest quite a lot. That’s why I have put her in the Tier 3. If you can get better girls than these, then go for it!

Front Line: Ninja (can be Front or Back), Bidenty, Sonya, Silvia, Ada,  

Back Line: Nona, Werewolf, Haxie, Hypatia, Nagia, Miya, Diva, Omega, Anna, Liz, Nani, Lavia, Himoto, Zoe, Lisa, Toy Girl, Andro

The girls’ potential is calculated for the maxed out girl, so in the process if you get a Wildtress for example, then she might not be as strong as Boxer early on, but she will far exceed Boxer once upgraded fully. 

Now for the 3 star girls that I consider good for various reasons I am going to tell you exactly what to do. Firstly, you should go to the Front Page interface and select the School tab on the right. 

Under the School tab you will see 3 options: Graduate, Transfer and Enroll. Under the Graduate tab you will see why some characters are really good, therefore you should keep them. Also, in order to Graduate a girl you should have the required ingredients (girls / girl shards).

You should keep all the 3 star girls that you obtain and use them for this purpose alone without leveling them up. You will obtain quite a few from the shop and from farming the areas which give girl fragments, so don’t frat about it too much. 

If you would like to learn more about the game, take a look at our Girls X Battle 2 guide and learn all of our tips and tricks!

And this would be our list of the best characters in Girls X Battle 2. What do you think about it? Would you rank some characters higher, or maybe some lower? Let us all know in the comment section below!


    • Wait am I reading the list or you,because I clearly see iron fist in t1 ,be it in bottom line ,when she should be in front line taking damage and healing at the same time

      • In later stages Iron fist gets deleted in front line when she’s taking damage, so having her in back line where she can defend back line attacks with her level 80 passive works a lot better as characters like masamune (can go to level 250) will have MUCH better health and defence stats to help defend more.

      • Why is sonya in both T1 and T3? Just found her with fragments and some tell that she has the highest armor un game but Alice looks quite more tanky

  1. Yeah, Iron Fist is pretty much a must have. I’m only level 95, but without her I would never reach some places in the game. Maybe in the late late game, when you reach level 9-10 girls she falls off, but not before that.

    • Hi – My iron fist is Lv 100, with Lv 3 red gear, married, etc., and yet, she doesn’t last. She doesn’t recover her health fast enough to survive, and doesn’t also help others enough. What am I missing. Her current health is around 30k, and attack at around 7k.

  2. This list makes absolutely zero sense. There’s so many DPS characters that definitely shouldn’t be wasted in a front slot on this list, and if you follow it you’re going to blasted.

    Also Iron Fist bottom tier, lmao

  3. Do not follow this list it makes no sense. Most lists I have seen are 5 or 6 tiers and make more sense than this. In facebook search the main community group and join it members are actual players, some with 10 star girls instead of a noob contradicting themselves


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