Girls X Battle 2 Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages

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In our article today we will share with you all of our Girls X Battle 2 tips and cheats to help you pass all the levels with ease and upgrade all the girls to the maximum – because who doesn’t want to have the strongest girl team?

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This game combines the idle battle with the active one, which makes it really great! Also, it has some sort of gacha mechanics, which let you collect different girls of various rarities, all with the purpose to form a strong team (to defeat other girls!).

But enough chit chat – we’re here to show you how to improve the girls and put together the strongest team possible to defeat all enemies! So let’s get right into the Girls X Battle 2 tips and tricks!

Fight the stages quickly

You should complete the stages, especially the first 10 as soon as you can because you need to unlock the Arena, as well as many other facilities as quickly as possible. It is mandatory if you want to unlock them, especially because they can be super useful. 

You will however have a little bit of difficulty passing 1-10 if you haven’t upgraded the girls yet, so I suggest that you do that in order to clear the stage. 

Summon new girls to your squad!

There are 3 types of summons you can perform, and some of them can be proven to be better than others. The summons are performed with Capsules, which you can collect either from  passing stages or by purchasing them. 

– The Regular Capsules: with these you can summon any girl basically, but the chances are as follows:

1 star Girl – 56%

2 star Girl – 34%

3 star Girl – 8.5%

4 star Girl – 1.45%

5 star Girl – 0.05%

So if you manage to pull a 5 star Girl with the Regular summon, then good job! You are among the very, very few people to do so. It’s got quite slim chances for 4 star Girls also, so just perform these summons as they come and don’t go out of your way to get these Capsules.

– The Advanced Capsules: these contain slightly better odds of giving good Girls, as they also cost more than the Regular Capsules and are more difficult to acquire. However, they don’t give out 1 or 2 star Girls, only 3, 4 and 5 star ones. 

3 star Girl – 78.42% (77.84% during Capsule Pack event)

4 star Girl – 20% (19% during Capsule Pack event)

5 star Girl – 1.58% (3.16% during Capsule Pack event)

If you manage to muster up the courage, I suggest that you keep your Gems for the Events, but I totally understand you if you can’t hold on to them for that long (we’re in the same boat).  

– The BFF Capsules: they are both easy and tough to acquire, if that makes sense, as you don’t really have a saying on whether or not you will get one. In order to buy a BFF Capsule, you will need to add quite a lot of friends in game, and constantly receive Hearts (and preferably give out as well – just to be fair). Will detail more about these below, but in the meantime these are the rates:

2 star Girl – 32%

3 star Girl – 54%

4 star Girl – 13.2%

5 star Girl – 0.8%

Add more friends! 

The friends are a really important feature of this game, as they will help you summon more girls. All you have to do is head on to the Friends tab and go in the Search tab. There you should send out all the friend requests you see to people and just fill up your friends list.

Once you have a lot of in game friends, make sure you send hearts to them and help them collect more girls. They will also help you collect, as they will send those hearts back! 

If you want to find more friends easily, you can also enter their ID! You will find your ID on the Personal Info tab (Main Interface -> top left corner -> tap on the player icon). Mine is 1001145691!

Share your ID with other players down in the comments below and let’s spread the hearts! 

Gear up your girls

Soon after passing some of the early stages you are going to need to start gearing up the girls in order to pass the levels. This is not as hard as you might have thought, because all the gears can be acquired in game, by simply defeating new monsters or farming stages. 

It’s important that you don’t rush into the battlefield later on without decent (at least) gear because you’ll end up losing and only losing continuously. Open the Bag (bottom part of the screen) then in the Gear tab you will be able to forge new gear by using the old ones you have collected.

Always up the gear and continuously equip the girls with the latest gears available (especially the two in the front). Once you are able to forge the 6th type of gear, the 3* green one you will be able to unlock set bonuses. 

These are also important, as they are a really great addition to any character.

Battle in the Arena for more cool rewards!

Unlike some other games where the Arena gives Arena specific rewards, in Girls X Battle 2 you will even be able to obtain Gems from fighting in the Arena.

For every single fight that you perform here, whether it is a win or a defeat, you will be given the opportunity to select one of 3 cards, each with an individual reward. 

Make team compositions that give bonuses

The girls that form up your team will give bonuses depending on their faction, so make sure you don’t give up on any of them and just keep on collecting girls, because they could prove useful.

These are the bonuses: 

– Ghost: HP +20%, Armor Break +20% when you deploy 6 girls of Ghost Faction

Human: HP +20%, Dodge +5% when you deploy 6 girls of Human Faction

Monster: HP +20%, Attack +15% when you deploy 6 girls of Monster Faction

Fairy: HP +20%, Crit +5% when you deploy 6 girls of Fairy Faction

Devil: HP +20%, Immune Ctrl +30% when you deploy 6 girls of Devil Faction

Angel: HP +20%, Immune Ctrl +30% when you deploy 6 girls of Angel Faction

Rainbow: HP +20%, Attack +10% when you deploy 6 girls of each different Faction

– Heaven & Earth: HP +16%, Attack +13.5% when you deploy 3 girls of Angel Faction and 3 girls from Devil Faction

Evil: HP +11%, Attack +13% when you deploy 2 girls of Devil Faction, 2 girls of Ghost Faction and 2 girls of Monster Faction

Light: HP +13%, Attack +11% when you deploy 2 girls of Angel Faction, 2 girls of Human Faction and 2 girls of Fairy Faction

Balance: HP +10%, Attack +8% when you deploy 3 girls of Human Faction and 3 girls from Fairy Faction

Specter: HP +8%, Attack +10% when you deploy 3 girls of Ghost Faction and 3 girls from Monster Faction

Infection: HP +9%, Attack +9% when you deploy 3 girls of Monster Faction and 3 girls from Fairy Faction

Mutant: HP +9%, Attack +9% when you deploy 3 girls of Human Faction and 3 girls from Monster Faction

Symbiosis: HP +9%, Attack +9% when you deploy 3 girls of Ghost Faction and 3 girls from Fairy Faction

Opposite: HP +9%, Attack +9% when you deploy 3 girls of Human Faction and 3 girls from Ghost Faction

As you can tell the strongest ones are the ones in which all 6 girls belong to the same faction – but in the early game it isn’t so easy to do that, so try aiming for a different aura bonus.

Let the girls battle offline

Even when you are not currently playing the game, the girls will keep on battling. It is best if you do that at one of the levels multiple by 5, as they are the ones which give better rewards. 

At the early stages of the game I have fought in 3-15 for the 4-Star Ghost Shards because they are given as rewards, as well as some useful 2 star items which then you can use for crafting better equip. 

I would suggest that before you go offline, you set the girls in one of those stages (multiple of 5) and return after a while because you will definitely not be disappointed. 

Join a Guild

Joining a Guild is a really important part of the game. Not only will you have access to a new store which can sell you good girls, but you will also have access to the Lab, where you can improve your current girls’ stats. 

It will be slightly difficult to find a Guild at start, since you might be aiming for the high level ones – but don’t! Even if you join a level 1 Guild, it is important that you join and stay there. 

The Guild level will increase constantly, so don’t worry about it being level 1 at start. To see the goodies sold by the Guild Merchant, tap on the girl wandering around in the Guild manor. That is where you will use the little fortune that you’ve acquired (it will indeed cost a fortune) to purchase 5 star girls. 

Collect rewards for staying logged in and logging in daily

For simply logging in to the game every day you will receive some really cool rewards. This is great if you don’t want to play the game that particular day, as the rewards will just keep on stacking up. 

Also, don’t forget that if you log in to the game and stay logged in you will also get a myriad of goodies, from 4 star girls to Gems and much more. Don’t forget to collect them in the top left part of the screen.

Check the Shop multiple times a day

In the Shop interface you will be able to purchase different goodies, from Girls to items. This shop will have a free refresh every few hours, but if you don’t want to refresh it it’s all up to you!

I would suggest that if you see a nice 5 star girl in the shop that you just save the coins needed to buy her shards and not refresh until you’ve done so. 

These would be all of our Girls X Battle 2 tips and tricks that we have for you right now! If you know some other cool tips, make sure you leave them down in the comments below! Also, don’t forget about what we mentioned before – leave your ID down in the comments and let’s all become friends! 

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Girls X Battle 2 Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Stages

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