Girl Cafe Gun Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats and More

Girl Cafe Gun

Girl Cafe Gun is a gacha-based 2D action game where players have to form a team of girls to furnish and manage a cafe. Oh and of course they will also have to inevitably fight against an enemy- the Archdemons. It is available to download now on IOS and Android and is free-to-play, although there is purchasable in-game currency.

The game is presented in a novel-style RPG balancing managing a cafe and battling the enemy. Battles are pretty impressive and the game on the whole is really interactive and engaging, especially for fans of anime. Players begin the game at the start of an outbreak that is turning humans into monsters, and those humans left behind have to work together to survive.

Girl Gun Cafe Tips and Strategy Guide


Take Advantage of Daily Log In Rewards: When players first begin they are rewarded with various items and treasures to help them engage with the game and progress. For eight days after beginning the game every log in rewards more. The game also offers incentives to keep logging in every day and we recommend doing so to take advantage of the free items! Free coins and items are extremely useful in gacha-style games for players on a budget.

Complete Daily Tasks and Missions: As mentioned above, it is well worth taking advantage of any offer of extra coins, crystals, and other items. Players can obtain more of these coveted items by completing Daily Tasks and Missions which are refreshed every day. Check the inbox for any unclaimed rewards.

Celebrate Character Birthdays: Characters in Girl Gun Cafe each have their own special birthday. Throw a party and give them gifts to earn rewards!

Join a Clan: Joining or creating a clan can bring in extra rewards, and can be somewhere where players can communicate with other managers.

Girl Gun Cafe Daily Tasks


Promote The Best Characters Only: Players must promote the character cards to increase each Girl’s stats. The categories to focus on most are Enhancing, Limiting, and Breaking. These three are the ones that will make most difference in battling tough enemies. Make sure that the XP cards used are the ones that correspond to the correct character. Although cards can be used on any character, players will gain more by using the ones that correspond to the right character.

Balance The Team: A good team is one which has a good balance of character types. Players will need a team of 1 main character, and at least 3 assists, plus a weapon. Check the ‘Team Proficiency’ indicator before going into battle to see if the team is good enough. If players have trouble putting a team together there is always the ‘scramble’ option. Check out our guide if you need further help setting up a team.

Watch out for Time-Limited Bonuses: Some characters will offer bonuses if you use them during a certain period so watch out for that and use them when you can!

Rest Time is Crucial: Allow your Girls to rest and avoid their energy levels to deplete, leaving the exhausted. No one wants exhausted staff!


Understand the Weapon Types: Weaponry in Girl Gun Cafe should be pretty familiar to players who have been gaming for a while. The weapons range from standard pistols, shotguns and snipers, to epic grenade launchers. Each is specific to each character type, and can be commonly found to extremely rare.

Promote High Tier Weapons: It is recommended that the high tier weapons are upgraded first, followed by lower tier weapons.

Girl Cafe Gun Cafe Customization Guide
Girl Gun Cafe Characters


Upgrade the Cafe: Of course the battles aren’t the only important thing in this game. The cafe is an integral part and must be taken care of. Upgrading the cafe can be achieved when players gain popularity and be able to earn more Coffee Coins. Thos coins can then be used to purchase items for the cafe in order to upgrade it further. Keep the customers comfy and happy with upgraded furniture, and the business will increase in popularity and keep earning those coins.

Interact with the Girls: Maintain happy staff at the cafe by interacting with the Girls. A relationship must be built with each individual character, and then players can pat them on the head on their main page. The Girls can also be trained up and players can send them gifts. All these things can help maintain a good relationship with them and earn coins and rewards.


Reroll to get Extra Chances: Follow our guide here on rerolling, and get further chances of getting the character you need.

Best of luck on running the best cafe out there, and on defeating the Archdemons! If you have any further tips or tricks on how to get the most out of Girl Gun Cafe, let us know in the comments below.

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Girl Cafe Gun Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats and More


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