Hey, fans of Girl Cafe Gun! Have you heard about Battle Pass? If not, let us share as many details about this seasonal system and the perks you may get using it. Let’s start!

​All You Need to Know About Battle Pass in Girl Cafe Gun

So, the period during which this seasonal card is valid is 45 days. The new one will appear in a couple of days after the expiration of the previous card. With this card, you will get resources and Combat Record. This token is beneficial as by exchanging it you will obtain multiple resources from Allocation Exchange.

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Once you obtain merits, the new levels will become available for you (a new level will become active for every 100, and it costs 100 Earth Coins per level to buy it if needed).

If you search for merits, you will need to complete your daily tasks or your combat missions. The maximum amount of merits you can get per one week is 10000.

Private Credential will be automatically assigned to you at no cost, and in the upper row, you will be able to choose and claim the rewards available. And all the items in the lower row can be obtained after getting the Premium Credentials, Guard Credential, or Sergeant License. To compare them, we must mention that Guard Credential includes everything as the Sergeant License has. And additionally, you will be able to get 1500 merits and 2000 Combat Records. An exclusive custom mark will be added on top.

So, now you know all the perks of Battle Pass and can apply this knowledge to practice. Have fun!

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