Hey there squid kids! February 9 marks the start of Splatoon 2’s next “Splatfest”! This Splatfest’s theme is all about the champion of breakfast time. Which do you prefer: pancakes or waffles?

Do you enjoy the smooth layers of buttery goodness topped with liberal amounts of syrup, or do you prefer the cozy little boxes that are perfect for capturing flavor enhancers? The choice is yours: boot your game up now and head to the front of the lobby entrance to pick a side!

If you are unfamiliar, Splatoon 2 will host “Splatfests” every now and then. Players will pick to represent a team featuring one of the two themes, and battle it out to see which is the more popular vote. The game counts for battles won, not just votes, so make sure you bring your A game!

This specific Splatfest also features a new Shifty Station map, a multiplayer map that is constantly changing every time it shows up. This time around, there will be splat zones involved, so keep your eyes peeled!

As always, the winners of the Splatfest will be able to enjoy free Super Sea Snails for being on the winning team. The amount you get depends on your final Splatfest level, so get out there and make some noise!


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