Genshin Impact’s new limited-time location Golden Apple Archipelago is full of hidden locations, puzzles, quests, treasures, lore, and many other things. While exploring one of the unnamed isles of the Golden Apple Archipelago, players come across a Precious Chest, surrounded by a barrier. Being in the vicinity will trigger one of the new world quests Who Wields the Wild Wind.

As always, Paimon will have special dialogues whenever you encounter something strange. She will hint at you on how to undo the barrier. But, players who don’t listen to Paimon. Moreover, those who don’t like over exploring a certain area might find it hard to solve this puzzle.

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But, you don’t have to worry as we have got you covered. In this Genshin Impact guide, we will walk you through every section of the world quest Who Wields the Wild Wind, which is more of a puzzle than a quest.

Who Wields the Wild Wind Quest Guide

At the start of Who Wields the Wild Wind world quest, players are asked to return and appraise the situation. But, you don’t have to follow that.

The nameless isle where you encounter the world quest Who Wields the Wild Wind, there are three steep mountains connected to each other with suspension bridges.

To undo the barrier, players have reached the apex of one of the mountains and defeat the Hilichurl and Samachurl enemies. Doing this will weaken the barrier. Now make your way to the other two mountain tops and defeat the enemies.

Tip: Climb the rightmost mountain first. As it has wooden stairs leading away up to the top.

Doing this will weaken the barrier and once players have defeat enemies at all three mountain tops, they will break the barrier.

Once the barrier is undone, go back to the chest and you will find the Big Chungus [not the official name, it’s what I like to call them].

Defeat the opponent and you will complete the world quest Who Wields the Wild Wind.

The quest rewards you with the following things.

  • Adventurer’s EXP +400
  • Primogems X 50
  • A Precious Chest

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