Sayu is a four-star Anemo user from Inazuma whose weapon of choice is a Claymore. She is one of the four confirmed Inazuma playable characters in Genshin Impact, whose character event wish banner is expected to come out with the Inazuma update. In the wake of Sayu’s imminent release, players must know about the different ascension materials required to ascend Sayu’s talents.

In Genshin Impact, upgrading talents and artifacts are more important than the character level up. However, ascending talents and levels are co-related. So players have to pay equal attention to both of them. The point we are trying to make is Leveling up a character’s talent improves their ability, damage, and other outputs.

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The other things about Talent Ascension Materials is that, you have to farm them using Resins. It doesn’t matter which resin you use, it can be original or condensed.

Sayu Genshin Impact

Keeping all that in mind, it’s the right time that you start using some of the original resins for farming Sayu’s Talent Level Up Materials. She will be featured in one of the two character event wish banners in the Inazuma update.

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Granted you are rolling on her banner. There’s a chance that you may get both the featured five-star character and Sayu. In such a case, you need to prepare for her talent ascension materials beforehand.

To help you out, we have prepared every talent ascension material you need for maxing out Sayu. And, we also talk about where you can get talent ascension materials for Sayu. So, without any further ado, let us move forward to the main guide.

Talent Ascension Materials for Sayu

Here are the talent ascension materials you need for levelling up Sayu’s talents.

Talent LevelTalent Level Up MaterialSpecial MaterialSpecial Material 2Crown of InsightMora
2Teaching of Light X 3Whopperflower Nectar X 6Not NeededNot Needed12,500
3Guide to Light X 2Shimmering Nectar X 3Not NeededNot Needed17,500
4Guide to Light X 4Shimmering Nectar X 4Not NeededNot Needed25,000
5Guide to Light X 6Shimmering Nectar X 6Not NeededNot Needed30,000
6Guide to Light X 9Shimmering Nectar X 9Not NeededNot Needed37,500
7Philosophies of Light X 4Energy Nectar X 4Gilded Scale X 1Not Needed1,20,000
8Philosophies of Light X 6Energy Nectar X 6Gilded Scale X 1Not Needed2,60,000
9Philosophies of Light X 12Energy Nectar X 9Gilded Scale X 2Not Needed4,50,000
10Philosophies of Light X 16Energy Nectar X 12Gilded Scale X 2One Needed7,00,000

How to get Sayu’s Talent Ascension Materials

Here is how you can get Sayu’s talent ascension materials.

  • Teaching, Guide, and Philosophies of Light
    • Players can obtain all three of them from a Domain of Mastery located in Inazuma.
    • For the exact location, players have to wait for the Inazuma update release.
  • Whopperflower, Shimmering and Energy Nectar
  • Gilded Scale
    • Obtained by defeating weekly boss Azdaha.
  • Crown of Insight
    • Obtained by completing events and other activities.
  • Mora

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

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