Genshin Impact Spices from the West event is currently underway, and it has a plethora of Seasonings that players can make and apply to some of the existing dishes to serve them to companions. 

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Getting hold of dishes on which you can apply Seasonings on is a daunting task as you have to constantly check Use Seasoning tab while looking into your cooking menu to see whether you can cook the respective dish or not?

In this Genshin Impact Spices from the West event guide, we share the list of all food items that you can apply Seasonings on. 

Spices From The West Event: List of All Dishes That You Make and Apply Seasonings On

There are around twenty dishes that you can make and apply seasonings on to obtain their Fragrant variants to serve them to your companions inside the Serenitea Pot to gain Companionship EXP while progressing the Spices from the West event and earning rewards like free Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ores and more. 

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  • Delicious Golden Crab 
  • Delicious Golden Shrimp Balls
  • Delicious Qingce Stir Fry
  • Delicious Bamboo Shoot Soup
  • Delicious Almond Tofu
  • Delicious Jewelry Soup
  • Delicious Noodles with Mountain Delicacies
  • Delicious Vegetarian Abalone
  • Delicious Mora Meat
  • Delicious Stir-Fried Filet
  • Delicious Black-back Perch Stew
  • Delicious Triple Layered Consome
  • Delicious Lotus Flower Crisp
  • Delicious Stir-Fried Shrimp
  • Delicious Universal Peace
  • Delicious Crab Roe Tofu
  • Delicious Stir-Fried Fish Noddles
  • Delicious Mint Salad
  • Delicious Grilled Tiger Fish
  • Delicious Rice Buns

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Genshin Impact is a free-to-play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Android, and iOS. 

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Genshin Impact Spices From The West Event: List of All Dishes That You Make and Apply Seasonings On


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